Yami bakura

Yami Bakura

No, this isn't what I wanted. I wanted Samus to be happy. This is all my fault. I should've never told Ridley where to find the Afloratiite. I'm sorry.

-Yami Bakura, confirming his remorse about ruining Samus' life.

Yami Bakura is one of the primary antagonists in Super Smash Bros. Crossover, the others being Coredegon and Sasuke Uchiha, though Yami Bakura, like Sasuke, is also an anti-hero in the series. Yami Bakura is also the main antagonist of the Super Smash Bros. Crossover movie "Evil Rising". Like in Yu-Gi-Oh!, since his debut, Yami Bakura had become one of the most prominent villains in the series. Yami Bakura was apparently revealed to be the true antagonist of the series in Season 20, having orchestrated events behind the scenes, but after learning of his connection to the Smash Core in Season 23, Yami Bakura abandons his evil ways and joins the Heroes of Legend. It is soon revealed that Coredegon was unintentionally responsible for the birth of Master Hand and Crazy Hand, making Wiseman the true antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Crossover and not Yami Bakura as was initially believed. Later, Yami Bakura defects from the heroes after being tempted to do so by Mechtavius Destroyer, though Yami Bakura may have been employing the "gathering energy from battle" tactic and at the same time trying to regain the trust of Bowser and Samus. Yami Bakura later rejoins the heroes after learning that he was being used by Mechtavius Destroyer and the other villains. However, Yami Bakura returns to his villainous ways after Lena Isis forces Master Hand to rewrite and evolve every hero, and his memories of his redemption are erased after the multiverse is reset. During the final battle against Mechtavius Destroyer, Yami Bakura is recruited into the Heroes of Legend by Sonic, making Yami Bakura a protagonist once again.


Yami Bakura is a fragment of Zorc Necrophades that was created to revive him with more power than ever. At the same time, Zorc also purged the greater darkness in his soul to create the Ten-Tails (only in Super Smash Bros. Crossover). Yami Bakura later reveals he was one of three offspring of Zorc, the others being the Ten-Tails and Gigadark Bowser.

50 Years AgoEdit

Yami Bakura orchestrated many events behind the scenes before the start of the series in his quest to revive Zorc. However, due to the Heroes of Legend's alterations, Yami Bakura had no involvement in these events due to being erased from existence.

(NOTE: In the respective series where these events occured, with the exception of the second to last event, Yami Bakura had no involvement whatsover. However, he was made responsible for them in Super Smash Bros. Crossover to make him more evil and sadistic)

  • Yami Bakura approached Tobi and told him how to restore the Ten-Tails, therefore orchestrating the Nine-Tailed Fox attack and the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and the creation of the Akatsuki.
  • Yami Bakura sent Bardock (Goku's father) into the past when Chilled (Frieza's ancestor) was alive, hoping that Bardock would become a Super Saiyan and Chilled would pass the knowledge to his descendants, which led to the Genocide of the Saiyans at the hands of Frieza.
  • Yami Bakura infiltrated Project: Shadow and impersonated Gerald Robotnik, and then gave G.U.N. the Gizoid, which would result in G.U.N. attacking the Ark, causing the death of Maria Robotnik, Shadow the Hedgehog's closest friend.
  • Yami Bakura created the robot that would eventually become Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic and implanted the memory of his creation into Dr. Eggman's head, ultimately bringing Mobius to ruins. It is later revealed he implanted a seed within one of Mecha Sonic's materials, which was implanted in Tails later on. Later, Yami Bakura reveals the seed was transferred through Sonic, not Mecha Sonic.
  • Yami Bakura infiltrated Shinra Inc. and injected Jenova cells into Lucrecia Cresent, who was pregnant with the unborn Sephiroth, who would later misintepret his origins and go insane.
  • Yami Bakura created a virus that would turn people into zombies so Zombie Reed would go insane and eventually invade Earth. However, since he had trouble finishing it, he gave it to Umbra to finish.
  • Yami Bakura created another virus that would turn people into cannibalistic savages, which he brought to Earth-TRN028. However, Yami Bakura left before he could see the results of the virus, although he appears to suffer symptoms of the cannibal virus. It is assumed this was the first attempt of the zombie virus.
  • Yami Bakura infiltrated Project: Pegasus and sabotaged the creation of the Squadron Supreme clones, who became zombies as a result.
  • Yami Bakura approached the weakened Smithy and suggested that he unite the villains together, therefore making Yami Bakura the founder of the League of Villains.
  • Yami Bakura told Ridley where to find the rare mineral known as Afloratiite, which was K-2L, making Yami Bakura the true mastermind behind the murder of Samus' parents. For some unknown reason, Ridley doesn't despise Yami Bakura for creating his worst enemy. However, Yami Bakura truly felt remorse for this atrocity.

Role in Super Smash Bros. CrossoverEdit

Yami Bakura makes his official debut in Season 12 of Super Smash Bros. Crossover as the main antagonist. From what has been seen of him so far, Yami Bakura is after the Heroes of Legend's loved ones so he can brainwash them and use them as pawns in his RPG. So far he has captured Lena Isis, Zenet Surrow, Mason Brown, and Jesse Glenn. Yami Bakura also possessed Zelda and gave her the Millennium Ring. Eventually it is revealed that Yami Bakura wants to corrupt Sasuke Uchiha and Mecha Sonic to bring back the apocalypse as well as corrupt the Heroes of Legend. Yami Bakura's plans are foiled by Pichu. Despite this, Yami Bakura and Bowser ambush the Heroes of Legend, Mario, Link, Pikachu, Mewtwo, Pichu, Luigi, Kirby, and DK at Master Hand's abandoned lab, but even with Dark Bowser's help, Yami Bakura is defeated again and even loses his grip over the real Bakura. However, he survives by possessing Fabia Sheen. Yami Bakura ambushes the heroes underground and battles Psycho Kirby, but he is defeated when Pichu tells Psycho Kirby that while Yami Bakura doesn't feel pain, his host does, prompting Psycho Kirby to stab Yami Bakura with a bloody butcher knife, making him lose control of Fabia's body before she throws the Millennium Ring away. Unfortunately, the Ring lands near Princess Peach, prompting Yami Bakura to possess her. Yami Bakura then goes after Samus, who had enhanced her strength, to possess her. However, he is interrupted by Mario, who is in a rage at Peach's possession. Yami Bakura then abandons Peach to possess Sheik, which was easy due to her being weakened earlier by Drago. However, he is quickly forced out when Zelda's spirit makes Link kill her. Yami Bakura then returns to Ryo Bakura's body. Eventually it is revealed that the RPG board that Pichu and Gohan destroyed was a decoy. After revealing to Pichu the truth about Zelda's betrayal, the two return to their bodies completely. Yami Bakura finds himself on the losing end of the fight after Pichu becomes enraged about Zelda's death. Yami Bakura then attempts possessing Sasuke, but Pikachu intervenes and sacrifices himself in an attempt to kill Yami Bakura by getting sent to the Smash core and having the Hands kill him. Unfortunately, Yami Bakura survives and fuses with the core, therefore fusing the Heroes of Legend, Zelda's corpse, and Ganondorf's corpse to create a body for himself. Yami Bakura then mocks Pichu about his friends' demises. However, Pichu was hoping for Yami Bakura to return so he could kill him for good. Angered at Pichu's cockiness, Yami Bakura attempts to kill him with an energy blast, but Link saves Pichu at the cost of his own life. Afterwards, Pichu and Yami Bakura engage in a beam struggle but Yami Bakura is ultimately destroyed when the Smash core transfers itself into Pichu, allowing Pichu to destroy the evil spirit permanently. However, Yami Bakura still exists due to having fused his spirit with the Heroes of Legend. In Season 13, it is revealed that Yami Bakura was working for Reiaz and he revived him. After Sasuke, Fabia, Psycho Kirby, Zombie Spider-Man, and Pichu's "rebirths", and Goku, Sonic, and Ren's deaths, Yami Bakura is forced to work with Naruto to bring them back to their senses. After witnessing Pikachu's death, Yami Bakura tells Naruto to honor Pikachu by fufilling his request to save Pichu. Yami Bakura later takes control during Naruto's battle with Fabia to reclaim the Millennium Ring and defeat her. During the finale, Yami Bakura is disgusted that Sasuke would use his friends to gain more power, saying he would use someone he doesn't know rather than someone who trusted him, and fights alongside Naruto against Sasuke and Dark Pichu. At the end of Season 13, Yami Bakura appears to have reformed. In Season 14, Yami Bakura watches Naruto battle against Sephiroth and is amazed that Sephiroth is able to keep up with Naruto. Midway through the battle, Naruto gives control over to Yami Bakura, who gets slightly agitated before remembering that while Sephiroth isn't exactly human, Yami Bakura isn't human either. Later, Yami Bakura attempts to help Sasuke, but forgets Sasuke's will is too strong. Yami Bakura then witnesses Sasuke die and sheds a tear for the first time in history. Later, when NER Link reveals his crush on Zelda, Yami Bakura battles her in a Shadow Battle to get Zelda to reveal her sadistic nature in order to snap NER Link out of it. However, Yami Bakura is soon trapped in a Triforce arena to prevent any interference. Yami Bakura is then painfully tortured by Zelda and is defeated. Before fading, Yami Bakura states he is the darkness and also reveals that there is a greater evil within the Smash core. Afterwards, Yami Bakura decides to explore Naruto's body to find this evil. Eventually, he stumbles upon an energy being who asks him to play with her. Yami Bakura refuses, but the energy being reveals it was the one who extracted the core fragment from Sasuke Uchiha, causing Yami Bakura to grab her and angrily demanding he be revived. However, the energy being taunts him, asking why Yami Bakura cares so much. Yami Bakura then breaks down in tears, revealing that his whole village, including his family, were killed to create the Millenium Items, and states that he sympathises with Sasuke because they both commited terrible acts in order to get revenge for the deaths of their family. However, Yami Bakura is in tears because Sasuke died without getting his revenge on the Hidden Leaf. The energy being then says she'll revive Sasuke if Yami Bakura can beat her in a duel. Yami Bakura accepts, determined to revive Sasuke. While initially having an advantage at first, Yami Bakura finds himself on the losing end when his Destiny Board strategy and Dark Sanctuary strategy are both foiled. In the end, Yami Bakura is defeated by the energy being's Jinzo after surviving her Obelisk the Tormentor's attack. Weakened from both his Shadow Battle and the duel, Yami Bakura sinks beneath the water, but not before giving his Duel Disk and Deck to Naruto. Yami Bakura then sinks to his death. An image of Yami Bakura appears during the finale as Naruto is about to play Dark Necrofear. Yami Bakura is revived at the end of Season 14. In Season 15, Yami Bakura returns to his original ways, as the rebirth of the Heroes of Legend set his plans back a bit, but now he has all the power he will need. Yami Bakura then repossesses Ryo Bakura to accomplish his plans. After revealing himself to the Heroes of Legend while reclaiming the Millennium Ring, he intercepts Sephiroth, who was planning an attack on the Heroes of Legend. Yami Bakura then proceeds to kidnap Joey Wheeler and Syrus Truesdale in order to force Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi and Jaden Yuki to duel him for their freedom. However, the duel was merely a distraction, as the Yami Bakura dueling against Yugi and Jaden was nothing more than a fragment of his soul. Meanwhile, the real Yami Bakura prepares to leave the Smash core, but Sellon arrives and spots the duel on a monitor. However, Yami Bakura uses a spell to possess Sellon and makes a run to the Nine-Tailed Fox, where he uses another spell to splice a portion of the Nine-Tailed Fox's soul which he absorbs and transfers to the fragment of his soul possessing Ryo Bakura. Yami Bakura then teleports the Heroes of Legend's subconscious to the RPG Board and tells them about Zorc Necrophades and how he devastated ancient Egypt and that he was destroyed by the Pharaoh (Yami Yugi), but now Yami Bakura has all the components necessary for his ressurection. Afterwards, Yami Bakura reveals he is Zorc Necrophades, something that shocks the Heroes of Legend. Meanwhile, the portion of Yami Bakura that is possessing Sellon prepares to fight Anubias and the portion of Yami Bakura that is possessing Ryo Bakura is challenged to a duel by Yusei Fudo. However, both of the clones withdraw early as Zorc is about to be revived. Meanwhile, the original Yami Bakura begins laughing maniacally as his plan suceeds. Yami Bakura then fuses with Zorc, but leaves a fragment of himself within Ryo Bakura to ensure Zorc can be ressurected again. However, Yami Bakura possesses Zelda after getting taunted by Hiei, but goes inside Zorc to stop Naruto, Psycho Kirby, Hiei, and Zelda from destroying Zorc. Yami Bakura then has a final duel against Naruto, but loses when Zelda joins in and executes a One Turn Kill. Yami Bakura is unable to accept defeat, and tries to possess Naruto, but Naruto teleports out with his friends after Psycho Kirby and Hiei destroy the Dark Smash core. Yami Bakura is then vaporized with the rest of Zorc permanently. Yami Bakura reappears in the second half of Season 15 within Naruto's subconscious along with Dark Pichu telling him that he can't trust anyone but himself, and while Naruto doesn't completely heed the advice, his personality changes regardless. Yami Bakura also returns physically, although he is reincarnated as Yami Zelda due to Zelda wearing the Millennium Ring within Zorc. However, in Season 16, Yami Bakura returns as his previous self by possessing Fabia, since he had possessed her when he was still Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura reappears again when Ganondorf visits Zelda's mind, and reluctantly does what Ganondorf says since he lacks enough power to escape Zelda permanently. Later, Yami Bakura is visited again by Ganondorf just as Yami Zelda is about to kill Crump, and Ganondorf continues to mock him about being forced to obey him, causing Yami Bakura to finally snap. However, Yami Bakura is indeed powerless against Ganondorf, who brutally massacres him. On the brink of death after Ganondorf is exorcised, Zelda shows sympathy towards Yami Bakura and puts him on a bed to heal. Later, Yami Bakura reveals that he was glad Zelda became his new host, as she had a light that pierced the darkness in his soul. During Season 17, Yami Bakura returns to Ryo Bakura as Zelda is about to be killed by Samus Aran. Later, Yami Bakura returns to his old ways, as he no longer is inhibited by Zelda's light. Yami Bakura then makes an alliance with Nightshroud, but secretly intends to take Nightshroud's power for himself. Later, Yami Bakura attempts to possess Samus, but is unsuccessful since Samus is a zombie. Yami Bakura later tries to save Nightshroud from death, but winds up absorbing him instead. Yami Bakura is left in a coma during the Heroes of Legend's struggle against Samus, but wakes up later on. Yami Bakura then decides to find Samus in order to gain her power for himself. Yami Bakura has also merged with Nightshroud, and uses Nightshroud's powers in order to aide Samus in absorbing Naruto's energy so he can take it himself. However, Yami Bakura is overwhelmed by Samus and is knocked out. However, he regains consciousness and attempts to attract the Millennium Items to his location. However, he is stopped by Goku. Yami Bakura thens tears a chunk of Gundalia off the planet to create an arena for the final battle. Later on, Yami Bakura senses a dark energy, which is actually the spirit of Razanak, and forcibly takes Samus from the floating arenas. Yami Bakura and Samus then team up with Razanak, Thrax, and Infinity Mecha Sonic. Later, Yami Bakura reveals that he was secretly ressurecting Zorc during the chaos, and betrays Razanak by piercing his body with the Millennium Ring and draining his spirit to transfer to Zorc. Yami Bakura also reveals he was the one who inspired to Ganondorf to create Gigadark Bowser, making him the true mastermind behind the murder of Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings as well as Samus' descent to darkness. When Samus prepares to fight him, Yami Bakura decides to toss the Millennium Ring at Zorc, which bounces off him and then nearly hits the Heroes of Legend, though he secretly transferred 9 portions of his soul into their Smash Core fragments. Yami Bakura then merges with Zorc for the final fight. After Zorc is defeated, Yami Bakura is revealed to still be possessing Ryo Bakura. After the duel between Naruto and Sasuke against Yugi and Kaiba, Yami Bakura uses his powers along with De-Fusion to split Nightshroud from him in order to raise the stakes. Yami Bakura is soon discovered by Anubias and Sellon, and he demonstrates he is in all of the Heroes of Legend by reactivating Zombie Spider-Man's hunger, with the clone there kicking the flesh tablets (a medicine to remedy the hunger) out so Zombie Spider-Man has to eat innocent people. Yami Bakura then explains the ultimate game is about to begin. Yami Bakura then fights the Heroes of Legend from within their minds, using Anubias to torment Sellon, and uses Zombie Spider-Man to beat Samus to a bloody pulp. However, both clones with Sellon and Samus are defeated, but Yami Bakura lives due to possessing Ryo Bakura. Later, Yami Bakura absorbs Zombie Spider-Man's infection to boost his power and to make Zombie Spider-Man angrier. Meanwhile, Yami Bakura orders the zombified heroes to attack the Mind Chamber, but when Zombie Reed betrays him, he absorbs all but the clones in Naruto and Zombie Spider-Man to become stronger than the zombies. Yami Bakura also gains power from the spirits of those the zombies ate. Yami Bakura then tempts the zombies to try and eat him as they had devoured nearly all other life on Earth, making Ryo Bakura the last meal they can have, since he has no further use for them. Meanwhile, the clone within Zombie Spider-Man is killed. Yami Bakura prepares himself for the final showdown with Naruto. However, Yami Bakura is defeated when Naruto uses the powers of those who fell at Yami Bakura's hands. Meanwhile, Yami Bakura is overwhelmed by the zombies, but kills Sabretooth before leaving Naruto and Ryo Bakura for the true final showdown. However, Yami Bakura still sees no further use for the undead and rebukes them to try and eat him again, killing Hulk, She-Hulk, Iceman, Daredevil, Wasp, Giant-Man, Storm, Luigi, Princess Peach, Ino, and Gambit in the process. However, Yami Bakura's massacre is briefly stopped by Goku. Yami Bakura then fights the combined might of the Heroes of Legend and the zombified heroes and villains. However, Yami Bakura is defeated when the Heroes of Legend access 100% of the Smash Core's power. Unable to accept defeat, Yami Bakura attempts to self destruct, but is unsuccessful due to the barrier around Earth. Yami Bakura is then absorbed by Rogue, who immediately gets killed to prevent the malicious spirit from escaping. However, Yami Bakura manages to return to the Millennium Ring, which is unfortunately buried in the rubble. However, Yami Bakura survives by possessing Ryo Bakura yet again. In Season 19, Yami Bakura recruits Demitri Maximoff, Pyron, Jedah Dohma, and Sephiroth to his cause. Later, Yami Bakura corrupts Zombie Wasp by promising that she'll be the only person on Earth if she helps, and The Annoying Orange will be revived (Yami Bakura knifed him earlier). Yami Bakura then convinces Sasuke to return to his old ways, earning his allegance. Yami Bakura then proceeds to use the Impure World Ressurection to revive those he killed as his army. Yami Bakura also betrays Nightshroud and reabsorbs him. Yami Bakura then returns to Sasuke's location, where Goku and Vegeta are about to fight him. However, Yami Bakura attacks Vegeta and absorbs his energy before crushing his head. Yami Bakura then revives Vegeta with the Impure World Ressurection. Yami Bakura states afterwards that the end has come at last, and revives Zorc with even more power than before. However, Zorc is soon absorbed by Sasuke, and Yami Bakura then gets impaled in the heart, and returns to the Millennium Ring. Yami Bakura is then absorbed by Zombie Wasp. Later, Yami Bakura's soul is put at stake during the Shadow Duel between Naruto, Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, and Yusei Fudo against Sasuke and Zombie Wasp. When Sasuke betrays Zombie Wasp and destroys Malefic Truth Dragon by destroying Malefic World, Yami Bakura escapes his shackles due to his lost body limbs and absorbs the darkness from Zombie Wasp, ending the duel prematurely. However, Yami Bakura uses up the last of his strength in doing this and dies as a result. Yami Bakura is revived when Shenron purges Zorc from Sasuke, and traps him in the form of Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura then attempts to stop Sasuke from trying to get a wish from Shenron by biting his leg. Yami Bakura is then seen smiling when Naruto defeats Sasuke. In Season 20, Yami Bakura tells the heroes where Killer B. However, it is revealed that Yami Bakura wants the power of the Eight-Tails for himself. Yami Bakura later exposes more information about the zombie virus to Ganondorf. Rather than just creating it, Yami Bakura is a part of the virus, and he wasn't able to possess the zombies was because he was locked out. Yami Bakura also states that the virus was backup if Zorc was sealed. Yami Bakura then unleashes his clones when the reincarnated baby Gigadark Bowser cries for the first time. However, he is quickly defeated when Android 17 and Android 18 destroy his clones, weakening him severly. However, the vicious spirit manages to survive once again. Yami Bakura then overhears that a war is about to commence, and repossesses Ryo Bakura to make things more difficult for the Heroes of Legend. Yami Bakura then blackmails Sasuke by reanimating the deceased Uchiha clan members, and tells him that Pandoria may still be alive. Yami Bakura then kills Sasori and fights Deidara, revealing the Uchiha aren't the only part of his army. After Deidara commits suicide, and Pandoria tells him "Revive the jinchuriki", Yami Bakura revives the deceased jinchuriki so Tobi can use them as his Six Paths of Pain. When Sasuke arrives to kill Tobi, Yami Bakura decides to revive Sasuke's family in order to torture him. At the same time, Yami Bakura and Yami Zelda are fighting against Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, and Ren Krawler when Mecha Sonic decides to push Bowser, Samus Aran, Zombie Reed, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Zombie Spider-Man's rage to the peak. However, Yami Bakura uses up too much energy possessing Bakura and Zelda as well as summoning the deceased soldiers for Madara as well as Yami Bakura's personal Mechtogan, and this forces the Akatsuki to retreat. Later, Yami Bakura repossesses Ryo Bakura, but leaves 40% of him unsuppressed so he can see what Yami Bakura has given him in terms of power. However, Yami Bakura is forcibly fused with Ryo Bakura, but survives since that was only a fragment of him. Enraged that a mere human outsmarted him, Yami Bakura threatens to destroy Smash City if the jinchuriki aren't given to the Akatsuki. However, Tobi stops him, telling him to alter the threat. Yami Bakura then says he wants the jinchuriki at the Mountains' Graveyard. When the heroes arrive, Yami Bakura tricks Kirby into entering the cave so his friends will follow, before opening a trapdoor to send everyone plummeting. However, he saves Naruto and Killer B so he can extract some of the Tailed Beast chakra for himself. After the extraction, he calls Zetsu to take the jinchuriki to Tobi while remerging with Yami Zelda so he can begin the ressurection of Zorc. During the extraction process, Yami Bakura duels against Yami Yugi to stall for time, but forfeits when Samus arrives, as Yami Bakura is eager to absorb Samus' energy for Zorc. Unfortunately, Samus' energy is poisonous to Yami Bakura. After getting impaled by Samus, Yami Bakura transforms into Zorc, but is still no match for Samus and is absorbed by her. Despite this, he survives and supports Naruto in his battle against Samus. Later, Yami Bakura's cover is blown by Mutant Elfin, and it is revealed that Yami Bakura absorbed the darkness in Samus before her death, including the Ten-Tails. Yami Bakura then watches in shock as Helios defeats Mechtavius Destroyer single-handedly, and insults Elfin when she is incinerated by Drago. Yami Bakura later sends DNA from Samus to Yami Zelda so she can revive her. Yami Bakura also reveals that because Madara briefly had the Ten-Tails, Yami Bakura has his DNA as well, including the Rinnegan. Yami Bakura then intiates another Shadow RPG, with him and the Heroes of Legend as the Game Masters. Yami Bakura repossesses Ryo Bakura as well so he can get a Luma to make Zorc an intergalactic threat. However, he is attacked by Boo Rock and Gigadark Bowser Jr., and is outnumbered when the Heroes of Legend show up, along with Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Link, Lucario, Cell, Sasuke Uchiha, Shadow the Hedgehog, Zombie Reed, Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, Jaden Yuki, Chazz Princeton, Yusei Fudo, and Jack Atlas. However, Yami Bakura tells Yami Zelda to "shed her host", and Yami Zelda releases Zelda from her control, with Yami Bakura doing the same with Ryo Bakura. Yami Bakura later reveals to Ganondorf, Mecha Sonic, Sephiroth, and the Darkstalkers that he created another virus that turned people into cannibalistic savages, and also reveals that he was the one who made Sheik a split personality from Zelda, which is what caused Samus' descent into madness. Yami Bakura reveals that he was also the one who created the Cubots for Umbra's army, the true founder of the League of Villains, having suggested the idea of the group to Smithy, and the one who told Madara how to revive the Ten-Tails, thereby making Yami Bakura the true mastermind behind the Nine-Tailed Fox attack 16 years ago and the Uchiha Clan Massacre (this is only true for Super Smash Bros. Crossover). Yami Bakura also reveals he was the one who truly created Mecha Sonic, and implanted the memory of his creation into Dr. Eggman's head, and also infiltrated Project: Shadow through Maria, and was the one who gave G.U.N. the Gizoid, again masquerading as someone else, in this case Gerald Robotnik, ultimately being the true cause of Maria's death. When the Heroes of Legend and their companions arrive, and Cell reveals this information to them, Sonic, Shadow, and Sasuke attack Yami Bakura and begin overwhelming him. Zombie Spider-Man, Goku, and Cell join in as well, and Yami Bakura is hit in the gut so hard, he regurgitates Reiaz from his body. Enraged at this humilation, Yami Bakura tries to attack Luigi, only for Bowser to hit him in the gut again, once again causing Yami Bakura to regurgitate, this time regurgitating Nightshroud. Angered by this humiliation, Yami Bakura attempts to self-destruct, only for the Heroes of Legend to teleport him to the Smash Core. However, Yami Bakura is able to survive the self destruct and returns to Earth with the complete Smash Core within him. Yami Bakura then quickly kills Rosalina by blasting her heart. Enraged, Bowser attempts to attack Yami Bakura, who quickly swats him aside and prepares to kill him, but Sasuke, Mecha Sonic, and Zombie Reed intercept the blast, getting severly injured in the process. Yami Bakura then engages in a beam struggle with the trio, and is unfazed by the other heroes' attempts to stop him. However, Yami Bakura is betrayed by Yami Zelda, who has had a change of heart and does what the others couldn't do. Yami Bakura is apparently destroyed by Sasuke, Mecha Sonic, and Zombie Reed's combined blast. However, he returns during the third arc, having faked his death so he could absorb the power of Sasuke, Mecha Sonic, and Zombie Reed and spawn another reincarnate known as Yami Kirby. Yami Bakura is quick to reveal his survival, and steals the Millennium Puzzle from Yami Yugi. Yami Bakura later steals the Millennium Key and Millennium Scales from Frieza (Shadi gave the items to Frieza hoping he'd protect them) and sends Yugi Muto to the Shadow Realm for laughs. At the same time, the malicious spirit possesses Zenet Surrow to attack the other Heroes of Legend. During the fight, Yami Bakura reveals he transported Bardock (Goku's father) to the time of Frieza's ancestor, hoping to awaken Bardock's Super Saiyan abilities and make Chilled (Frieza's ancestor) pass the knowledge on to his descendants, and that he injected Jenova cells into Sephiroth's mother (despite stating earlier he had no involvement in that). When Vegeta attacks Yami Bakura out of anger, Yami Bakura easily overwhelms him and mocks him about Goku constantly surpassing him and prepares to kill Vegeta, with Goku unable to save him due to being caught in Yami Zelda's sword and Yami Kirby's Cutter. However, Yami Bakura is interrupted when Frieza informs him that he called Sephiroth over, to Yami Bakura's horror. Yami Bakura is then massacred by Sephiroth, but survives by sacrificing Zenet in his stead. Yami Bakura then reveals that Jenova is another portion of Zorc (only in Super Smash Bros. Crossover) before vaporizing Sephiroth in cold blood. However, Yami Bakura is unable to revive Zorc due to the interference of Time Eater. During the Time Eater Arc, Yami Bakura pursues Fabia Sheen, who stole the Millennium Ring from him, and later reclaims the Ring when Psycho Kirby tears it off of Fabia. However, the Millennium Stone is destroyed by Goku, enraging Yami Bakura, who states he will kill Kid Goku and the other younger versions of the Heroes of Legend for their interference. However, Shadow fights and defeats Yami Bakura with ease. Yami Bakura later battles Shadow, Sasuke, and Sephiroth, but their fight is interrupted by the arrival of Fabia Sheen. Yami Bakura then reluctantly works with the heroes to fix the timeline. During The Keys of Smash Arc, Yami Bakura gathers several of the villains together in order to claim the mysterious key the heroes acquired. Yami Bakura later divulges more of his origins to Samus, Zombie Reed, and Bowser, and reveals they are connected to him, as Gigadark Bowser is one of Zorc's offspring. Yami Bakura later battles alongside Patient Zero against Zombie Spider-Man and Ren Krawler when Samus arrives. Despite Cell's warnings, he gives Samus the Millennium Ring, which proves to be Yami Bakura's downfall as Samus betrays him and blasts Yami Bakura away, convinced he lied about feeling remorseful for making her suffer. As Yami Bakura lies injured in the desert, he sadly says to himself that he wanted Samus to be happy, and realizes he should never have told Ridley where to find the Afloratiite. During Fight to the Finish, Yami Bakura, for the first time, puts the safety of Earth before his selfish desires, and teleports Samus to another location before she can self-destruct, at the cost of his own life. Yami Bakura is revived by Black-Star Shenron. Yami Bakura serves as one of the main antagonists of Season 21. Yami Bakura duels against Yami Yugi with Yusei's Stardust Dragon at stake in hopes of finding out why Samus wants its power so badly. However, Yami Bakura loses due to Ryo Bakura regaining control of his body, and is sent to the Shadow Realm, but quickly repossesses Ryo when Zombie Wasp becomes Dark Wasp and creates the Shadow World, due to the Shadow Realm being a part of it. Yami Bakura soon learns he was being used by Gigadark Bowser, but is powerless against him. During the final battle, Yami Bakura plays a crucial role in Gigadark Bowser's defeat by distracting him long enough for Goku and Gohan to destroy Gigadark Bowser. Yami Bakura later sheds a tear of happiness after Samus becomes a part of the Smash Core. During the second arc of Season 21, Yami Bakura reclaims the Millennium Items, and later follows the Heroes of Legend into the past with Uka Uka as he thinks it will be easier to destroy the world with Zorc as there will be less people capable of taking Zorc down in the past. At the same time, he possesses Tea Gardner to keep an eye on the other heroes when they travel into the past to stop him. Yami Bakura later reveals to Yami Yugi that when Yugi went into the past, he was able to hijack their path for his Grand RPG, acting through both the past and present so he can destroy them both along with the world. However, Yami Bakura is defeated by the Heroes of Legend yet again when they unlock LV 5 of the Smash Core, and is nearly killed by them. In Season 22, Yami Bakura is stuck in the rejuvenation chamber for the first half of the Neo Smash Champion Tourney. During this time, it is revealed that Yami Bakura implanted a seed in Miles "Tails" Prower so he can control him later on. Yami Bakura finishes healing during Meta Knight's assault on the heroes, but is defeated again, this time by Gohan, and is forced to retreat. However, Yami Bakura returns yet again, and overhears the Heroes of Legend state they are going to unite Samus' 2 personalities. Knowing this will compromise their headquarters, Yami Bakura tells the villains to start preparing to leave their headquarters. However, Yami Bakura is forced into a duel with Yugi Muto, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, and Yuma Tsukumo, with Yami Bakura having to release Tails if he loses. While the Duel isn't shown, Yami Bakura is defeated by Yami Yugi, Jaden, Yusei, and Yuma. However, the malicious spirit reveals that the only way to destroy the seed without killing Tails is to kill the one who implanted the seed in him, that being Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic. During Wiseman's siege, Yami Bakura acts as an ally to the heroes, but returns to his antagonistic ways after Wiseman is defeated. Yami Bakura later sacrifices his life to protect Samus from Sonic, and mocks Sonic for what he is about to bring upon the world. Yami Bakura later escapes from the Home For Infinite Losers along with the other Offspring of Zorc, and take refuge in the Millennium Ring. After Bowser forces the Offspring of Zorc out, Yami Bakura and Samus decide to get married, and have a child named Neon. In Season 23, Yami Bakura has a change of heart after learning his full origins. Sadly, Yami Bakura is killed during the struggle against Mechtavius Destroyer, but is revived by the heroes' energy. Yami Bakura later abandons the heroes after being tempted to do so by Mechtavius Destroyer. However, Yami Bakura is ultimately betrayed by Mechtavius Destroyer due to his feelings for Samus. In Season 24, Yami Bakura is revived due to Mechtavius Destroyer releasing the energy of all the people he absorbed before he died, and confronts Android 18 after she awakens from her coma. Later, Yami Bakura fights against Naruto, Drago, Goku, Gohan, and Sonic alongside Samus, Tikal, Fabia, the Nonets, and Mechtavius Destroyer, but is swiftly defeated after they surpass the limits of LV 10. After the Heroes of Legend destroy Mechtavius Destroyer in the past again, Sonic decides to erase the Offspring of Zorc from existence, resulting in Yami Bakura, Yami Zelda, Yami Kirby, and Neon's deaths, though Yami Bakura's actions were left in, but without his involvement. Yami Bakura is later recreated by Coredegon at Samus' request. However, after Coredegon begins having second thoughts, Yami Bakura, Samus, BEN, and Zombie Zelda leave his body, with Yami Bakura impersonating Coredegon, Samus impersonating Slycerak, BEN impersonating Exostriker, and Zombie Zelda impersonating Mandibor. Yami Bakura, Samus, BEN, and Zombie Zelda later attack the heroes, and sends the Heroes of Legend to the Doom Dimension. However, Yami Bakura and his allies knocked into their own portal to Doom Dimension by Mag Mel, where they then proceed to fight the real Nomadic Mechtogan. However, Yami Bakura then reveals to the Heroes of Legend after teleporting them into Mechtavius Destroyer that he was behind the recent events after Drago altered history, and prepares to fight them alongside Yami Zelda, Yami Kirby, and Neon. However, Yami Bakura and his fellow Offspring retreat after Fleetway Super Sonic causes Mechtavius Destroyer to burn out.


Due to further alterations, Yami Bakura was erased from existence once again. However, due to Metal Sonic destroying the barriers of time and space, Yami Bakura was revived and took Samus to his new hideout, hoping to make amends with her. Later, Yami Bakura is forced into Samus, and doesn't reappear until Zane releases Mechtavius Destroyer's victims.

Following Mechtavius Destroyer's return to power, Yami Bakura begins to help the Heroes of Legend again, which is shown when he splits Diagon into 120 Bronze Stars and scatters them. His true motivation for helping the Heroes of Legend, however, is currently unknown. Later, Yami Bakura joins the heroes in the final battle against Mechtavius Destroyer's forces.

However, Yami Bakura later returns to his antagonist ways after being evolved and rewritten by Master Hand, and later merges with Sasuke and Mechtavius Destroyer in an effort to kill the heroes and villains of the multiverse, but is defused from them by Pichu after Mechtavius Destroyer's shield is broken, and is ultimately defeated after Bowser crushes him as Giga Bowser. However, Yami Bakura states that things are far from over, before retreating to areas unknown.


Yami Bakura officially returns in Season 32, where he initially fights alongside the other villains against the Heroes of the World during Mechtavius Destroyer's siege. However, due to his status as one of The Creator's Triune, Sonic recruits Yami Bakura into the Heroes of Legend to help defeat Mechtavius Destroyer.

Role in Evil RisingEdit

Yami Bakura acts as the primary antagonist of the first Super Smash Bros. Crossover movie.

Yami Bakura appears in Boo Rock's mind when Boo Rock doesn't show fear of Gigadark Bowser Jr., telling him he will be afraid, before Boo Rock collapses. Yami Bakura then explains to Boo Rock that they developed a link before Boo Rock regains consciousness. Later, Boo Rock enters the Mind Maze and finds Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura reveals to Boo Rock that GB Jr. is actually Gigadark Bowser Jr., and he also reveals his ultimate plan to Boo Rock before severing their link, telling him he will see him soon.

Yami Bakura is adressed as Bakura in this movie, though he said to call him Yami Bakura.


See Yami Zelda

See Yami Kirby

Known HostsEdit

As Yami Bakura is an evil spirit, he has the ability to possess other people's bodies.

  • Multiple individuals (50 years before the start of the series)
  • Ryo Bakura (Main host)
  • Zelda/Sheik (Main host [As Yami Zelda])
  • Fabia Sheen (Former host)
  • Princess Peach (Temporary host, abandoned for Sheik's body)
  • Psycho Kirby (Former host)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Former host)
  • Ren Krawler (Former host)
  • Naruto Uzumaki (Former host)
  • Sellon (Possessed with a spell)
  • Zenet Surrow (Possessed through Mini Zenet)
  • Tea Gardner (Possessed to keep an eye on the heroes)


Yami Bakura wears a blue and white striped shirt and white pants. He also wears a black trenchcoat over this outfit. During Season 12, whenever Yami Bakura possessed someone other than Ryo Bakura, he wore a light blue short sleeved jacket over this. He wears the Millennium Ring around his neck. In Season 14, Yami Bakura wears the outfit he wore when he possessed someone other than Ryo Bakura, that being the light blue short sleeved jacket over a striped shirt. Yami Bakura returns to his original appearance in Season 15, but wears the light blue jacket when he possesses Sellon. After Goku prevents him from ressurecting Zorc again, Yami Bakura's outfit changes to that of Nightshroud's in his true form. Yami Bakura reverts to his original appearance during the final battle against the Heroes of Legend. Yami Bakura alternates between his Duelist Kingdom and Battle City attire during Season 18. Yami Bakura's facial features become gruesome after he tempts the zombies to try and eat him. During the final battle, Yami Bakura returns to his original appearance. In Season 20, Yami Bakura removes the coats completely. However, he wears them again during the second arc, with his primary one being his signature black jacket.

When Yami Bakura infiltrated Shinra Inc, he wore a light blue T-Shirt under a white lab coat, and he retained his usual pants in this disguise.


Yami Bakura is one of the cruelest, most sadistic villains in the series. Yami Bakura will show no remorse towards his foes in order to get what he wants. According to Yami Bakura himself, he is unrestrained by human emotion, which is why he is so manipulative and sadistic. When Yami Bakura finds himself on the losing end, he acts quite psychotic. Despite his cruelty, he considers Yami Zelda and Yami Kirby as family, since they are his reincarnations.

Yami Bakura also displays advanced intelligence, as he was able to create 2 viruses that would end all life in 2 alternate universes.

Yami Bakura is also an excellent actor, as he was able to conceal his involvement in certain events, such as the Uchiha Clan Massacre, the Nine-Tailed Fox attack, and the failure of Project: Shadow.

Yami Bakura enjoys mocking his opponents, especially those whose lives he ruined such as Shadow the Hedgehog and Sasuke Uchiha by bragging about how he killed their loved ones. Another sign of mockery is that he considers the Heroes of Legend as his "friends" despite their hatred of him, which Yami Bakura is fully aware of.

Even though Yami Bakura enjoys mocking his victims, he doesn't actively go out of his way to torment Bowser, Samus Aran, and Zombie Reed, as they are seperate reincarnations of Gigadark Bowser, who Yami Bakura also considers family. Yami Bakura in fact cares about Bowser, Samus, and Zombie Reed, as he cried after revealing to Samus her origin because he regretted his involvement. Ultimately, Yami Bakura sacrificed his life in order to save Samus, showing just how much he cares. However, Yami Bakura does not hesitate to use Samus to accomplish his own goals, but dislikes doing so.


Yami Bakura's first deck is the one he used during Battle City. It is currently with Naruto Uzumaki.

Yami Bakura's second deck is the one he used during Dawn of the Duel. He gave this deck to Naruto as well

Yami Bakura's Deck

Bakura ClonesEdit

Yami Bakura transferred a fragment of his soul into each of the Heroes of Legend, and each one has a different appearance.

Clone #1: Yami Bakura in his Duelist Kingdom attire.

Clone #2: Yami Bakura in his Battle City attire (without light blue jacket).

Clone #3: Yami Bakura in his Battle City attire (with light blue jacket).

Clone #4: Yami Bakura in his Dawn of the Duel attire.

Clone #5: Yami Bakura in the Domino High uniform.

In Season 20, Yami Bakura unleashed over 1,000 clones from the zombies, including Mini Bakura.

Mini BakuraEdit

Mini Bakura is a minitaure clone of Yami Bakura that was spawned by the infant Gigadark Bowser. It is identical to Yami Bakura in every way except he is tiny. He was named by Zenet Surrow. The clone later morphs to match Zenet and is rechristened Mini Zenet. However, Yami Bakura uses the remainder of his essence in Mini Zenet to possess Zenet herself.

Six Paths of PainEdit

Like Nagato and Tobi before him, Yami Bakura has his own Six Paths of Pain. Like Tobi's, Yami Bakura's Six Paths of Pain are customized, and like Nagato, he can control them through another body. The Paths are:

Samus Aran

Itachi Uchiha

Bowser. Jr

Maria Robotnik

Mary-Jane Watson-Parker (Earth-2149)

May Reilly-Parker (Earth-2149)

With the ressurection of Samus and Bowser Jr., Yami Bakura is unable to use the Six Paths of Pain anymore,

Battle RecordEdit

Yami Bakura has a tarnished record. Yami Bakura is easily capable of beating an opponent weaker than he is, and when he joined forces with the Heroes of Legend he was even able to beat rogue members of the group in Season 13. However, when Yami Bakura fights against the Heroes of Legend, he ends up on the losing end of the fight, though some fights he lost on purpose.

Battles Outcome
Mag Mel Win
Heroes of Legend Lose
Psycho Kirby Lose
Heroes of Legend Lose
Pichu Lose
Pichu Lose
Fabia Sheen Win
Sasuke Uchiha and Dark Pichu Win (Tag with Naruto)
Sephiroth Win (Tag with Naruto)
Zelda Lose
Pandoria Lose
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi and Jaden Yuki No outcome
Yusei Fudo No outcome
Anubias No outcome
Naruto Uzumaki and Zelda Lose
Ganondorf Lose
Heroes of Legend No outcome (Tag with Samus)
Heroes of Legend Lose
Mario (Bedroom Toy) Win
Luigi (Bedroom Toy) Win
Sellon Lose (Tag with Nightshroud)
Samus Aran Lose (Tag with Nightshroud)
Zombie Spider-Man Lose (Tag with Nightshroud)
Naruto Uzumaki Lose
Heroes of Legend and Zombies

Win (Zombies)

Lose (Heroes of Legend)

Goku and Vegeta

Win (Vegeta)

No outcome (Goku)

Android 17 and Android 18 Lose
Sakura Haruno No outcome (Tag with Yami Zelda)
Gigadark Bowser Win (Tag with Yami Zelda)

Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno

Samus Aran, Bowser, Zombie Reed

Lose (Due to overexerting himself)
Ryo Bakura, Zelda Lose
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi Lose (On purpose)
Samus Aran


Boo Rock No outcome
Sonic, Shadow, Sasuke, Zombie Spider-Man, Goku, Cell, and Bowser Lose
Sasuke, Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic, and Zombie Reed Lose (On purpose)
Vegeta Win
Sephiroth Win
Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba No outcome
Naruto, Sakura, Goku, and Sonic Win (Due to Smash Core's infection)
Shadow, Sasuke (Past and Present), and Bowser (Past and Present) Lose (Tag with Yami Zelda and Yami Kirby)
Shadow, Sasuke (Past and Present), and Sephiroth No outcome
Naruto Uzumaki Lose (Tag with Yami Zelda, Yami Kirby, Samus, Bowser, Zombie Reed, and Gigadark Bowser Jr.)
Zombie Spider-Man and Ren Krawler No outcome (Tag with Patient Zero)
Heroes of Legend No outcome (Tag with Samus)
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi Lose (Due to Ryo's interference)
Venus and Leon Win

Heroes of Legend


Team Shadow

No outcome (Tag with Ganondorf and Patient Zero for Team Shadow)
Heroes of Legend Lose
Gohan Lose
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, and Yuma Tsukumo Lose
Wiseman/Coredegon Win (Tag with Heroes of Legend and Offspring of Zorc)
Mecha Sally Lose (Tag with Heroes of Legend and Offspring of Zorc)
Mechtavius Destroyer Lose (Tag with Dark Heroes of Legend and Heroes of the World)
Mechtavius Destroyer Lose (Tag with Dark Heroes of Legend and Heroes of the World)
Naruto Uzumaki, Drago, Goku, Gohan, and Sonic the Hedgehog Lose (Tag with Samus Aran, Fabia Sheen, Tikal, the Nonets, and Mechtavius Destroyer)
Mechtavius Destroyer No outcome (Tag with Samus Aran, BEN, and Zombie Zelda)
Heroes of Legend No outcome (Tag with Yami Zelda, Yami Kirby, and Neon)
Heroes and Villains of the Multiverse Lose (Tag with Sasuke Uchiha and Mechtavius Destroyer)
Mechtavius Destroyer Win (Tag with the Creator's Triune)


  • Yami Bakura's catchphrases are "I don't care" and "Suprise. HOW'S THAT FOR A TWIST".
  • Yami Bakura is the cruelest, most heartless villain in the series, as he has no problem with manipulating people and takes sadistic glee in organizing the death of others, and he takes joy at the ruthless actions of the zombies, and will kill anyone who he considers worthless or defies him.
  • Yami Bakura is considered a sadistic monster by Anubias.
  • Yami Bakura is responsible for several of the main characters' suffering. He was responsible for the deaths of Zombie Spider-Man's wife and aunt, the death of Zombie Reed's children and wife (Zombie Sue), the death of Bowser's children (Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings), Samus and Zelda's descents to darkness, the destruction of Mobius, the death of Maria Robotnik (Shadow's closest friend), the true mastermind of the Nine-Tailed Fox attack and ultimately the Uchiha Clan Massacre, the Genocide of the Saiyans, and Sephiroth's mother being injected with Jenova cells.
  • Out of all the villains in the series, Yami Bakura has murdered the most people. This includes the people he sacrificed for the Impure World Ressurection.
  • Yami Bakura is extremely powerful, as he is able to take on the entire super-powered population without breaking a sweat.
  • Yami Bakura is impossible to trust according to Ojama Yellow, as he promised Zombie Wasp she'd be the only person left on Earth, and then promises Sasuke he will revive the rest of the Uchiha, which contradicts his earlier promise to Zombie Wasp.
  • Yami Bakura has had the most outfits to date.
  • Yami Bakura is considered a cockroach by Ren Krawler since no matter how many times Yami Bakura is nearly killed, he keeps coming back.
  • The only people Yami Bakura can't kill are his fangirls.
  • Yami Bakura is the only character, besides Gigadark Bowser, to physically appear in a Super Smash Bros. Crossover movie.
  • Yami Bakura likes graverobbing, since it provides fodder for the Impure World Ressurection.
  • Yami Bakura is one of the few non-Uchiha to possess the Sharingan.
  • According to Ganondorf, Yami Bakura is the brains and Zorc is the brawn.
  • Yami Bakura has advanced intelligence, as he was able to create 2 deadly viruses and Mecha Sonic, and at the same time hide his involvement in certain events.
  • Yami Bakura has cheated death on more than one occasion.
  • Yami Bakura is responsible for bringing the Uchiha Clan and the Saiyan race to near extinction (only in Super Smash Bros. Crossover).
  • Yami Bakura is similar to Tobi, as both of them are nearly impossible to kill and desire the power of an ancient demon. However, Yami Bakura seeks to destroy the world while Tobi wished to conquer it.
  • Yami Bakura has a habit of pointing out running gags of another character.
  • A running gag involving Yami Bakura is that, despite his high intellect, is constantly being tricked into revealing that he caused a tragedy in someone's life when the person is on his side, causing them to betray him.
  • Yami Bakura's impersonation of Coredegon lacks the real Coredegon's green coloring.


Theme SongEdit

Yu-Gi-Oh Ryo Bakura Theme

Yu-Gi-Oh Ryo Bakura Theme

Yami Bakura's Theme

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Unreleased Soundtrack Rising Shadows

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Unreleased Soundtrack Rising Shadows

Yami Bakura's Theme (Version 2)