Wolverine is a protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Wolverine begins playing a major role starting with Season 16. While Wolverine observed the struggle against Gigadark Bowser, Wolverine is more active during the second half of Season 17. Wolverine is infected by Samus Aran when he, Iron Man, Zelda, Captain Falcon, and Solid Snake are ambushed by Samus, Yami Bakura, Razanak, Thrax, and Infinity Mecha Sonic. While he is zombified by Samus, Wolverine fights off the hunger in order to save Captain Falcon from Samus and assist in the struggle. Wolverine is soon cured by his Zombie counterpart. In Season 18, Wolverine is infected once again along with every other hero, with the exception of the Heroes of Legend. Wolverine later sacrifices himself to protect Sabretooth from Yami Bakura, as he doesn't want anyone else to kill him, and dies a hero's death. Wolverine is later revived as one of Yami Bakura's reanimated soldiers. Oddly, Wolverine is not infected despite dying as such. Wolverine is revived at the end of Season 19 by Cell. In Season 36, Wolverine is infected by the Kabuto Virus, and ultimately dies from the virus during the finale, but is reincarnated at the start of Season 37. In Season 39, Wolverine teams up with Batman to help him prove his innocence to the Heroes of Legend after he is framed as a traitor by Kabuto Yakushi and to help stop Gwen Tennyson from destroying the Smash World. After Gwen flees, Wolverine requests to officially join the Justice League Unlimited, which Batman allows to repay Wolverine for his help.


Wolverine's initial appearance is based off of his appearance in Wolverine and the X-Men. Towards the season 1 finale, his design is altered. While he still has his frame from Wolverine and the X-Men, he now wears black pants and a black jacket with a white shirt underneath. In Season 4, he has returned to his original design

While Wolverine was infected by Samus, he looked nearly identical to Zombie Wolverine, but his costume was less worn out due to being infected only recently.


  • When walking down the hallway of the Xavier Institute, Wolverine is always seen drinking something. This is even shown when XANA tried eliminating him and Iron Man when he is seen looking for a drink. This habit was used against him when William, who was possessed by XANA, gave him a drugged drink and Wolverine took it.