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Tikal is a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. She is one of the last members of the Echidna tribe and is (in Super Smash Bros. Crossover only) a childhood friend of Master Hand and Crazy Hand, and previously became the second person to willingly assume the identities of Wiseman and Mag Mel. But when she discovered the truth about what Mechtavius Destroyer would do to her, she escaped from him and hid safely in Smash City. She can have the ability to use Pyrus powers after being taught by Drago.


In Season 9, Tikal explained to Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B. that the Heroes of Legend were destined to exist and surpass Master Hand and Crazy Hand as the rulers of the Smash World. In Season 21, Tikal brings the Heroes of Legend into the past to reveal the truth behind the Smash Core. Tikal is later killed by Yami Bakura when she refuses to move out of the way of the Echidna tribe during their attempt to claim the Chaos Emeralds for themeselves, though her spirit lives on due to being linked to the Smash Core. Tikal is later revived in Season 23 when the Heroes of Legend and The Offspring of Zorc escape from Wiseman's clutches, and to ensure that Master Hand and Crazy Hand never escape the seal, she becomes the vessel for their malicious spirits.

Meeting Master Chief For The First Time Edit

As Tikal was in peace with the Master Emerald at Angel Island, she began doing her prayer, Master Chief heard her and followed her voice at Mystic Ruins, at first when seeing him she would be concerned that he is bringing harm to the Master Emerald but then Master Chief proclaims to be peaceful, Master Chief adores her, describing her pretty. While Master Chief explains about his previous ambush, she explains that she knows Nonet Bakugan. Which caused Master Chief to recognize about Wiseman.

Descent to DarknessEdit

Meanwhile Wiseman realizes that Master Chief can defeat him if he is fully aware about his strength, where Master Hand and Crazy Hand were sent to corrupt Tikal. She is soon corrupted by the malevolent Hands, and transforms into Dark Tikal. However, it is revealed that Tikal was merely a vessel for Master Hand and Crazy Hand to use so they could revive the rogue Mechtogan and merge with Wiseman. However, the atrocities she commited while corrupted broke Tikal mentally, causing her to get possessed by Wiseman. Tikal's spirit is later ejected from her former body and is swallowed by Fabia Sheen. Later, Tikal is forced to wield the Infinity Sword, and is overwhelmed by its corruptive influence. However, it is revealed that Tikal was leeched by the creepypastas, and was being used as the vessel for Vampire Captain America's spirit

Becoming the 2nd Wiseman and 2nd Mag MelEdit

While Master Chief is defeating Mag Mel in Gundalia and after being released, Betadron asks Tikal to put on Wiseman's helmet to stop the ressurected Vampire Avengers. Still corrupted by the Infinity Sword and remembering how the creepypasta fogged up her memory and worked with the Vampire Avengers to drain her energy so they can escape, Tikal abandons her former beliefs and friends and sells her soul to Coredegon, becoming the second Wiseman. Tikal later arrives to help Yamcha combat the Dark Heroes of Legend for her own reasons. When the Pecking Order reveal their connection to BEN as creepypastas, Tikal gives Yamcha an orb that will heal the heroes, and stays behind with Mag Mel to seal the creepypastas away permanently and succeeds at the cost of Barodius' life, who passes his Mag Mel identity to Tikal. Later, Tikal battles against the Dark Heroes of Legend, but is unable to defeat them due to their sync with the creepypastas. However, Chaos reminds her of how she saved the Chao from going extinct at the hands of her father and the other Echidnas. This causes Tikal to become conflicted, as the creepypastas caused her so much pain, but her path of vengeance is causing her to become like her father. However, Coredegon (in his Wiseman form) shows up and puts Wiseman's helmet on her, trying to strip her of her free will. However, Tikal is soon freed by an enraged Chaos, who is angered at Coredegon treating Tikal like a slave. Tikal later willingly becomes Wiseman once again at the insistence of the Nonets in order to regain her lost soul from Mechtavius Destroyer. However it is revealed that Evolved Razenoid had possessed Tikal so he can revive himself, but Tikal is liberated when Evolved Razenoid has no more use for her.

Merging with Chaos and Order To Defeat The BrawlersEdit

Following the villains' mental breakdown and incarceration, Master Chief arrives and tries to stop Mechtavius Destroyer however is defeated and imprisoned by Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic soon became afiliated with Wiseman, WIseman ordered to keep an eye out for Master Chief and make sure he does not escape. Metal Sonic soon becomes an body guard. However former Convenant and Master Chief's companion Arbiter sneaks in and distracts Metal Sonic. Arbiter cloaks to free the spartan and as soon as Metal Sonic returns, he discovers that the spartan has escaped leaving Metal Sonic in confusion. Arbiter soon ambushes Metal Sonic from behind by striking him. Metal Sonic was capable of fending off Arbiter, however was badly beaten up by Master Chief. Master Chief soon interrogates Metal Sonic asking what Coredegon is doing to Tikal. Metal Sonic shares all the information and Tikal soon witnesses this which caused her to nearly kill the Dark Heroes of Legend, but is sealed within the Master Emerald by Knuckles the Echidna along with Perfect Chaos (who went into a rampage after Tikal hurt the Chao that came with him). However, Mechtavius Destroyer (who Tikal swallowed before being sealed) broke out of the Master Emerald and as a result, Tikal and Chaos fused into a new being known as Tikhaos. Mechtavius Destroyer later tells TIkahos that the Bakugan Battle Brawlers are harming Angel Island and are stealing all the resources and orders Tikahos along with Master Hand and Crazy Hand to defeat the Bakugan which defeating them will earn her echidna tribe back.

Rehabilitation and Escape Edit

With Tikahos along with Master Hand and Crazy Hand headed to Angel Island to search the Brawlers under the Mechtavius Destroyer's orders, she is blinded by rage thinking that they are harming her homeworld and challenges them into an fight alongside Master Hand and Crazy Hand. The brawlers start to battle them and summon all their bakugan. Tikahos was able to beat half of the team with the help of Master Hand and Crazy Hand. While fighting the brawlers ask Tikahos why she is attacking them, where she responds that the Mechtavius Destroyer had explained that they are harming Angel Island and must stop them leaving the brawlers confused. Drago suddenly realizes that Mechtavius Destroyer might be coming up to something, Luckily Master Chief came to save the day and told the Battle Brawlers that Mechtavius Destroyer is decieving her and will kill her when she returns to her master. Drago wanted proof for this and decides that he and the brawlers can defeat her and have Drago enter her mind to find out if Master Chief is right. The brawlers were able to defeat Tikahos as well Master Hand and Crazy Hand which also caused her to split back to Tikal and Chaos. Drago entered her mind had suddenly discovered the truth, Mechtavius Destroyer is only decieving her and is wanting to kill her. Drago warns Tikal about what will happen to her with Tikal shocked. She asks how she can escape from him safely from him. Dan Kuso came up with an idea and stated that will she be safe in the Smash City. Tikal agrees with Dan's option and the brawlers safely took Tikal along with Chaos, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand to Smash Crazy to Smash City without getting killed by Mechtavius Destroyer.

Training With Drago and Defense Edit

While Tikal was living safely in Smash City, Coredgon wondering for her to return and begins searching the Multiverse and spotted her in Smash City and finds out that she reazlied his plan which brought Coredgon to rage. He orders Mag Mel to use his Razenoid to control Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Razenoid began possesing Master and Crazy Hand and then search for Tikal across Smash City. Meanwhile She began being trained by Master Chief so can learn to fight in order to protect herself from Coredgon and other villains. While training Drago came up with an idea that she may have the strength to use the powers of an bakugan since he can absorb the master emerald. Dan believes it is an risk for him however Drago shows his confidence that it may work. Drago absorbs the master emerald which caused Tikal to develop bakugan like abilites. But by the time she mastered fighting, Master Hand and Crazy Hand whom are under control by Razenoid had located her and begin fighting her. Chaos attempts to protect her but is defeated and captured by them. The ventus bakugan also tried to protect her but are defeated as well. Having no choice but to defend herself, Tikal was upset to see her allies fall, she uses her fighting skills to knock off Master Hand Crazy Hand and uses her pyrus power abilities by using an huge fireball to defeat the duo and send them back to Coredgon.

Defeating and Recruiting the Heroes Of Legend Edit

With Coredegon controlling Dark Heroes Of Legend to defeat the brawlers she came with the Battle Brawlers to accompany them whom they fought against the Dark Heroes Of Legend while leaving her protective Master Chief in Smash City due to her being powerful enough, suddenly however she the battle reminded her of when she fought the battle brawlers, she knew that they might be falling into Coredegon's trap as well. She helped Drago defeat them using her bakugan powers and told Drago to go inside their bodies the same way he did to Tikal. Drago sensed the same future and warned them about what happen to them. Which they were shocked. Tikal states that they can train themselves to join with the Battle Brawlers and help defeat Coredegon. The Heroes Of Legend accept her option and recruit with the Battle Brawlers to defeat Coredegon. Following this Tikal returned to Smash City to hide safely until after Fight to the Finish 2 Arc.

Huntdown On Mephiles Edit

While Tikal is living safely in Smash City along with Chaos, Tikal suddenly sees an mysterious figure scouring the city everytime she walks around, she follows the figure and confronts him, the figure revealed himself to Mephiles The Dark, she is confused and wondering what he is up, she challenges him to an fight, if she wins, she can learn about his secret or else he would escape. Tikal's abilities were able to defeat Mephiles, she interrogates where about his actions, in which Mephiles reveals that he has made the Heroes Of Legend fall from their grace. Tikal expels him and explains the Heroes Of Legend about what he had did which they had earned their will back.

Ilusion Revealed Edit

After Fight To The Finish 2 Arc, With the victorious Master Chief arriving, Tikal explains that when she was afiliated with Wiseman, she as well had an illusion of seeing the Nomadic Mechtogan merging and becoming Mechtavius Destroyer, also discovering his powers revealing it to Master Chief. Later when Tikal returns she realizes that Mephiles had returned to Smash CIty to steal the Master Emerald and kidnap Chaos, she recognized this when she saw his cosmic footprints. Suddenly she had another illusion of an new threat coming to Smash City, Gravemind whom was brought to life after the destruction of Pillar Of Autumn. She calls Master Chief and asks about this entity, Master Chief states that the Flood army has returned to find Master Chief and destroy him. Suddenly she senses an incoming unidentified ship approaching Angel Island, she decides to investigate it along with Master Chief.

An New Threat Edit

She along with Master Chief investigate the ship and suddenly Master Chief recognizes it and states that it is the Truth and Reconciliation an Covenant ship now being plagued by the Flood. As they board it, she is told to be careful investigating it as there might be hidden Flood ambushing. As they explore the ship they see an disabled robot. Master Chief is confused wondering why an robot would be in an covenant ship since the Covenant hadn't manufactured any robots. Suddenly an voice comes out and startles her and Master Chief. the voice came from the robot and confirms to be Ultron. Ultron begins fighting her and Master Chief where unlike his previous victories against the other villains, Master Chief is distracted and attacked by Flood who came from behind and caused him to be defeated. Tikal begins to extinguish every Flood she sees using her bakugan abilities. However she is at risk from being killed by Ultron where Master Chief is unconscious, Fortunately she is saved by another spartan known as Spartan David. Tikal then discovers that more Flood soldiers are approaching Master Chief who has just awoken, so she fires her pyrus abilities at them to save him. Unfortunately, she, Master Chief, and Spartan David are unable to escape due to Ultron deactivating their ships. Suddenly out of nowhere he is ambushed by Captain America who luckily reactivates the ships. While Spartan David and Master Chief shut down Truth and Reconcilation from heading to Angel Island, she is escorted by Captain America to the ships and right after the spartans succeed in shutting the ship down, The heroes escape and successfully prevent Truth and Reconcilation from invading Angel Island.

New Heroes Are Born Edit

She and Chief begin having an conversation with Spartan David and Captain America when they return. During the conversation David states that he knew everything about the Flood since he fought in the Human-Flood war, with the enraged Master Chief wanting to crush the pyschopath. Spartan David states that he would need to unite an team in order to stop the villains. So Master Chief along with Tikal begin to form an new alliance known as the Spartan Squad.

Defense From The Flood Edit

The newly formed Spartan Squad head to Mushroom Kingdom to search any Flood reports. Suddenly an voice comes with the team believing it is an enemy. It turns out it is Mario whom they ask about any Flood reports, Mario states that he has last seen them in an warp pipe. She along with Captain America entered the warpipe to search any Flood, upon entering it was dark, fortunately she was able to light up to see in the dark, when they got any further they discover bricks who being infected by Flood. She and Captain America fend off every Flood brick they see. Realizing that they can get infected too, she and the cap escape leading the battle outside. Suddenly the Mechtavius Destroyer returns to battle Master Chief who foiled his plan, Tikal and Captain America persisted into fighting the Flood until she discovers that Master Chief has turned into Mega Chief and wipes out every enemy infected by the Flood, endlessly strikes the Mechtavius Destroyer which turned him back into the Nomadic Mechtogan. Mega Chief grabbed every one of them and Tikal began taunting them to never return just before Mega Chief threw them all far away. Tikal is relieved and happy to Mega Chief in defeating Mechtavius Destroyer and also recruiting Mario as the newest member of the Spartan Squad

Rematch with Mephiles Edit

Upon returning to Smash City, Tikal has discovered that the Master Emerald and Chaos are missing, which made Tikal worried and angered, and caused her to search across the city with no luck. Fortunately the only sign found was a trace of cosmic footprints and Tikal began following the trail. Upon reaching the destination, she sees Mephiles with the Master Emerald and Chaos held captive and discovers that Mephiles has snuck into Smash City and stole the Master Emerald and kidnapped Chaos who caught Mephiles stealing the Emerald and tried to fend him off but was defeated while the Spartan Squad was away. Tikal demands Mephiles to give the Master Emerald and free Chaos again. Mephiles laughs and unveils that he has also captured Master Hand and Crazy Hand as well. This fused Tikal and resulted to fight Mephiles into another battle, during the fight this time while Tikal is winning the fight, Mephiles began to summon Iblis to give support to his victory on Tikal. But somehow Tikal had begun activating her pyrus ability "Fire Field" which an barrier trapped Iblis and inside caused him to burn until he is defeated. This turned out to be an distraction where Mephiles came out from behind and attempts to capture Tikal from behind. But luckily Master Chief came out from behind knocked out Mephiles. Master Chief asks Tikal where was she and why hadn't she told him which Tikal stated that she was worried and shocked in searching Chaos and the Master Emerald. As Tikal and Master Chief free her friend and the Master Emerald. Master Chief refuses to release Master Hand and Crazy Hand because he dosen't trust them due that they previously worked for Wiseman and instead locks them up in Smash City to interrogate them.

Recruiting Shadow Edit

When heading to Gundalia now being infested by the Flood. They see Shadow The Hedgehog being attacked Razenoid and Chaos Bakugan whom Tikal realizes that the Flood had infected them. Mario gives Master Chief an fire flower become to Fire Chief and defeat Razenoid. Razenoid is soon interrogated and reveals that Mechtavius Destroyer was sent by Gravemind and Didact in an attempt to destroy Master Chief.

Interrogation Edit

After recuiting Shadow, Master Chief asks Shadow to interrogate Mephiles to see what he knows about him in how he captured the Hands. At Smash City, since Shadow has an hatred to Mephiles, he has difficulty anger issues making Master Chief have to comfort him. Tikal and Shadow were still able to gain intel from Mephiles in which he states that after freeing Master Hand and Crazy Hand. They were attacked by Flood and encountered Didact. Mephiles reveals that Didact had stole the powers of Master Hand and Crazy Hand and had gave them to Mephiles. Tikal gets involved into the interrogation and is willing to give punishment on Mephiles. However just before she can strike. They detected an new threat heading to Mobius. Master Chief sends out Android 18 to keep an eye out on the prisoners while they investigate the threat. The heroes head to Mobius however oddly as they searcehd everywhere they detect no hostile threats.

Going After Ultron Edit

When the Spartan Squad return, they see that the Hands and Mephiles may still be in prison. However Android-18 has disappeared. Master Chief shouts at Mephiles asking what happened to Android-18. Mephiles laughs and states that the threat is actually located in the prison. The corrupted Android-18 breaks in the cell and attacks her along with the Spartan Squad to free Mephiles. Tikal however blasted an fireball at Android-18 to defeat him, she begins to wonder how did Android-18 go rogue. She tells Lucario to sense him, Lucario reads Android-18 and discovers that Ultron had taken over control over Android-18's body. They persist fighting Android 18 under Ultron's control and emerge victorious. However Ultron shuts down the city and rescues Mephiles and captures Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Tikal, Shadow, and Lucario are all angered into falling into Ultron's trap and begin chasing after Android-18. Having Master Chief, Captain America, and Spartan David catch up on them.

Battle With Ultron Edit

When Tikal, Lucario, and Shadow go after Android-18. Tikal is now frustrated into losing her, Lucario begins to sense where she last went, they luckily find the location heading into Fleetway Mobius. As soon as they reach Fleetway Mobius they begin investigating the area and soon see Metal Sonic marching around. Just as Tikal is about to strike him, Lucario tells Tikal that it might be another trap. Lucario soon begins to analyze Metal Sonic and becomes horrified of what he had discovered. Ultron has taken over control of Metal Sonic as well and has teamed up with Dr. Eggman. Metal Sonic(under Ultron's control) detects them and states that he now has the ability to control other robots, the Ultron controlled Android 18 soon arrives teaming up with Metal Sonic and fights the trio. As Shadow fights Metal Sonic while Lucario is fighting Android 18, they appearing to lose the battle against the robots. Tikal finds out that under Ultron's control, Android 18 and Metal Sonic seem to get stronger, Tikal begins to activate her pyrus abilites, however they are no use against them. Luckily Chaos arrives and goes into his Chaos 2 form to fight the robots. Somehow due to Chaos being composed of water it was able to disable the robots and defeat them.

New Plans Revealed Edit

Ultron becomes angered that to have the heroes learn his weakness. Suddenly Dr. Eggman arrives and is upset that Ultron has been defeated. However as Dr. Eggman sees Chaos, he tries to capture him but was stopped by Knuckles The Echidna. Ultron soon realizies that since Metal Sonic would easily be defeated, he comes up with an new idea that an new robot would be superior enough to destroy the heroes. Ultron laughs and escapes. The Spartan Squad soon arrive and Tikal begins explaining them their fight with Ultron. Knuckles states that Ultron may come up with an newer plan.

Return and Redemption Edit

After Mechtavius Destroyer and Zombie Giant-Man are defeated, it is shown that Tikal has been on Angel Island under the care of Knuckles the Echidna, who wishes to restore her memories so he can learn of his own past. When the Heroes of Legend arrive under the ressurected Master Hand's orders to get Knuckles, Tikal is told to hide by Knuckles. However, Scourge the Hedgehog, having agreed to help Knuckles if he helped reprogram Metal Sonic, offers Tikal his Smash Core fragment, stating he is a man of his word and that it will restore Tikal's memories. After touching the fragment, Tikal regains her memory. Unfortunately, this returns Tikal to her psychopathic personality. Tikal then alters Knuckles, since he took care of her during her amnesia. After Master Hand's destruction, Tikal asks Shadow if Master Hand was going to destroy her as well, although Drago is the one who confirms it. Feeling guilty about betraying her friends, Tikal is reassured by Shadow, who states that loyalties to someone can cause a person to do unspeakable acts. Following this event, Tikal rejoins the side of good.


Tikal's main appearance is based off her appearance in Sonic Adventure. After becoming Dark Tikal, Tikal wears a black version of Piccolo's clothes, and wears Wiseman's helmet to conceal her identity. When Tikal walked in during Zombie Wasp's betrayal, she was wearing a Tanooki Suit, but with the hood down. After donning Wiseman's helmet a second time, Tikal's outfit changes to that of Wiseman's. Tikal later dons Mag Mel's armor after Barodius sacrifices himself to seal the creepypastas away, though she prefers the Wiseman persona more. After merging with Chaos, Tikal's body becomes composed of water, just like Chaos. When she uses her bakugan abilities her body becomes fiery due to the bakugan abilities being pyrus.

Battle Record Edit

Tikal has fought to defend herself from Coredgon and other villains, after obtaining the ability to use bakugan powers, she has won most of her battles

Opponents Outcome
Bakugan Battle Brawlers(Tag with Master Chief) Lose(Tag with Master Hand and Crazy Hand)
Master Hand and Crazy Hand Win(Tag with Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Master Chief)
Dark Heroes Of Legend Win(Tag with Bakugan Battle Brawlers)
Mephiles The Dark Win
Ultron No Outcome(Tag with Master Chief, Spartan David, and Captain America)
Mephiles The Dark Win
Android-18 and Metal Sonic(Controlled By Ultron) Win(Tag with Shadow The Hedgehog, Lucario, and Chaos)

Bakugan CollectionEdit

NOTE: Tikal took the Nonet Bakugan before getting corrupted. They leave her possession after Wiseman's ressurection, but return to her after the Vampire Avengers are revived. Tikal later begins using Chaos Bakugan due to adopting the identity of Mag Mel.

  • Darkus Betadron (1st Bakugan)
  • Darkus Kodokor (2nd Bakugan)
  • Darkus Mutabrid (3rd Bakugan)
  • Darkus Gliderak (Baku Sky Raider Combination of Betadron, Kodokor, and Mutabrid)
  • Pyrus Spatterix (4th Bakugan)
  • Subterra Stronk (5th Bakugan)
  • Pyrus/Subterra Scorptak (BakuFusion of Spatterix and Stronk)
  • Aquos Balista (6th Bakugan)
  • Ventus Worton (7th Bakugan)
  • Aquos/Ventus Volkaos (BakuFusion of Balista and Worton)
  • Hao Tremblar (8th Bakugan)


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  • Tikal is the second character to become a "Dark" version of herself, the first being Zombie Wasp. However, Tikal's time as Dark Tikal was short-lived, unlike Dark Wasp.
  • Tikal is similar to Sasuke Uchiha and Samus Aran as they were protagonists who were corrupted by another villain (Orochimaru for Sasuke, Yami Bakura for Samus, and Master Hand and Crazy Hand for Tikal).
  • Tikal is the officially first and only character to have the ability use bakugan powers
  • She and Master Chief are the only characters that have illusions
  • It is also odd that in her illusion she sees Master Chief's threat(Gravemind) while in Master Chief's illusion, he sees Tikal's threat(Coredegon)

Theme SongEdit

Tikal's theme

Tikal's theme

Tikal's Theme