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Stoica is a Gundalian from Bakugan Gundalian Invaders. Stoica was an antagonist due to being a member of the Twelve Orders. His Guardian Bakugan is Lythirius and his Battle Gear is Razoid. In Season 5, when Gill's death caused Barodius to shed a tear, Stoica saw it as Helios insulting the Twelve Orders and tried luring him out into the open to defeat him and restore the honor of the Twelve Orders. Unfortunately, Stoica was unable to win against Helios' might, despite Barodius helping him, and was frustrated that all he did was cause Jesse's death. Afterwards, Stoica and Barodius join the heroes, though they rejoin the villains after Season 5 ends. In Season 6, he isolates Naruto and Drago from their friends and battles them for the first half of the battle. He then watches Sasuke and Barodius battle Naruto and is shocked at their defeat. Due to the fact that Stoica and Dark Captain Falcon were in charge of isolating Naruto and Drago, they are disposed of by Dharak at the start of Season 7. It is revealed later that Stoica wasn't killed, but was rendered unconscious by Kazarina and put in stasis. After Kazarina's death, Stoica and the other villains that were disposed of were freed by Gill and Airzel. Afterwards, Stoica joins the heroes, this time for good. In Season 23, Stoica is killed during the struggle against Mechtavius Destroyer, although his death isn't seen. Stoica is later revived due to Drago killing Mechtavius Destroyer in the past.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Note: Stoica mainly uses the Aquos attribute.

Aquos Lythirius