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Sasuke Uchiha is the primary antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Crossover. However, Yami Bakura and Coredegon temporarily replaced Sasuke during the events of Season 7 until Season 28, where Sasuke becomes the central antagonist again in Season 29, but he later redeems himself in Season 30. However, after learning Tobi's true identity, Sasuke returned to his antagonistic ways, and was one of the main antagonists of Season 34 until he rejoins the Heroes of Legend due to Team Corruption being integrated into the Heroes of Legend due to their teamwork in the Neo Smash Champion Tourney, once again becoming a protagonist. However, following his transformation into pure Phazon, Sasuke has once again become an antagonist, although this isn't fully revealed until the Dark Star X is ressurected. In Season 36, due to Starly stating that she was proud to be Sasuke's student and recalling Itachi's final words, Sasuke becomes emotionally conflicted, remaining an antagonist while being unsure if he really wants to walk a path of revenge, which is worsened when Metal Sonic calmly states that Sasuke has lived a life full of hatred and later when Kabuto Yakushi belittles Naruto Uzumaki for still believing that Sasuke is a good person, and later Princess Peach and Rosalina by stating that Sasuke is the only one who is actively trying to restore the Uchiha Clan's honor, resulting in Sasuke sacrificing himself to protect the Heroes of Legend before being ressurected for the final showdown. Since the final battle with the Heroes of the World, Sasuke has returned to the Heroes of Legend, but states that he will destroy them when the war with The Revolutionaries ends. However, following the death of Master Hand and Sonic.exe's revelation that the Uchiha clan values love and friendship even more than their own clan and that their love turns into hatred the moment they lose their loved ones, Sasuke becomes conflicted about his purpose in life once again, although he ultimately decides to truly rejoin the Heroes of Legend after their descent into insanity, and eventually starts to forgive the Smash World due to the influence of Batman and Superman.


Early Childhood and Vow of VengeanceEdit

Sasuke is the second and youngest son of the Hidden Leaf Village Military Police Force's captain and head of the Uchiha Clan, Fugaku Uchiha, and his wife Mikoto Uchiha. Sasuke was named after the father of the Third Hokage by his mother in the hopes that Sasuke would grow up to be a great ninja like his namesake. As a child, Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, who was an acknowledged prodigy viewed by the Uchiha clan as a genius whose work would further strengthen the bonds between the Leaf Village and the Uchiha. Sasuke's father, in particular, took an active interest in Itachi while ignoring Sasuke. Itachi, on the other hand, did acknowledge Sasuke by taking interest in his progress as a ninja and spending time playing with him even when their father did not. Even after enrolling in the Ninja Academy, Sasuke remained in Itachi's shadow since, despite scoring at the top of every class, Sasuke failed to receive any recognition from his father, who defined Sasuke's success only in terms of his older brother. Itachi acknowledged the rivalry Sasuke felt, telling Sasuke that, as brothers, Itachi is the wall Sasuke must climb over so they can continue to exist together. Regardless, Itachi cared deeply for Sasuke, and Sasuke looked up to his older brother, wanting to be just like him. When the relationship between Itachi and Fugaku began to deteriorate further after Itachi was accused of murdering his best friend, Shisui Uchiha, Fugaku began spending more time with Sasuke by teaching him the Fireball Jutsu, a common family technique seen as a sign of coming of age in the Uchiha clan. Although Sasuke failed to execute the Fireball Jutsu properly on his first try, he managed to master it within a week, proving himself a prodigy in his own right while finally receiving his father's recognition, as Fugaku said that Sasuke could now proudly wear his clan's emblem on his back. However, Sasuke also received a stern warning from his father to not follow in Itachi's footsteps anymore, which surprised Sasuke as he was told to be like Itachi. On one fateful night after this, Itachi slew every member of the Uchiha clan, sparing only Sasuke while saying that Sasuke wasn't worth killing. Itachi also told Sasuke that if he wanted to surpass him, then he must hate and despise Itachi. Itachi then told Sasuke where the secret meeting place of the Uchiha clan was hidden and suggested that Sasuke go there to learn what the true history and purpose of the Sharingan was, and that if Sasuke wanted to awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan, he must kill his best friend, and that Sasuke should have the same eyes as Itachi when they battled. Although Sasuke thought he fainted after this, he later remembered that he managed to stand back up, awaken his Sharingan, and pursue Itachi. Upon reaching Itachi, Sasuke used knives to knock off Itachi's headband. Itachi was seen shedding a tear as he was picking up the headband, and then proceeded to incapacitate Sasuke, who awoke in the hospital remembering only what Itachi wanted. From then on, Sasuke devoted the next nine years of his life to kill Itachi and avenge the Uchiha clan.

Rivalry with Naruto and Encounter with PeachEdit

When Sasuke first met Naruto Uzumaki at the Academy, they were matched to spar against each other. Naruto was excited at the opprotunity to defeat Sasuke and become popular like him, but was easily beaten by Sasuke. By looking at Sasuke's eyes, Naruto saw that they were so filled with hatred that it seemed that Sasuke wasn't even looking at Naruto. When Iruka Umino told Naruto and Sasuke to make the reconciliation seal, they both refused. Sasuke would continue to consider Naruto a hopeless dead-last and not worth his time and energy.

Two years after the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Sasuke went into the forest to train, where he was attacked by a savage girl. Sasuke then proceeded to battle the girl in retaliation, but was unable to keep up with her speed and was at a disadvantage since the girl knew the layout of the forest very well. Brutally beaten, Sasuke was at the girl's mercy, only to saved due to the girl becoming hungry. Baffled by the girl's weird nature, Sasuke asked the girl what her name was, only to learn that the girl didn't even know. Noticing how the girl preferred to eat peaches, Sasuke named the girl "Peach", which the girl liked. Sasuke then told Peach to stay put while he gets something for her, and returned to his home to pick up a book. When Peach asked what the book was for, Sasuke explained that her vocabulary needed some serious improvement, and left while Peach was distracted by the book, unaware that Peach was actually a fellow Uchiha who was orphaned and grew up in the jungle after her mother was killed and her father was left for dead.

Present DayEdit

Initially a protagonist at the start of the series, after learning the "truth" behind the Uchiha Clan Massacre from Tobi, Sasuke left the other heroes to try to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village for manipulating Itachi. Despite being very ruthless, Sasuke has, on occasion, rejoined the heroes, usually with his own selfish motives in mind. Ben did not trust him at all and refused to give him another chance. Tiggrera had utter hatred of Sasuke for killing her lover, Fear Ripper. Sasuke was an uncaring person, as he brutally murdered his former partner, Fear Ripper, with little remorse. His Guardian Bakugan were Darkus Razenoid, Darkus Infinity Helios, and Haos Mutant Elfin, but Razenoid and Elfin left Sasuke for their own reasons, with only Helios remaining loyal to him, though Elfin returns to him later on for her own selfish reasons, and Razenoid returns to him after Razenoid is betrayed by his father, and they all subsequently leave him in Season 28 due to Drago's sacrifice changing Razenoid's view on the world, with Elfin abandoning Sasuke due to her background, and Helios being decieved by Coredegon. At the midway point of Season 3, Sasuke and Dharak have a final battle with Naruto and Drago and are defeated. Sasuke acknowledges that while he can't forgive the Leaf Village, he should be working with the best instead of against the best, apparently rejoining the heroes. At the end of Season 3 this was all revealed to be an act, and he took Naruto down. Sasuke is defeated again at the end of Season 4 and is sent to the Doom Dimension, but he, along with the other villains escape in the beginning of Season 5, and learn of the tournament. Sasuke is curious as to why Naruto is holding back when he notices Naruto and Ness are evenly matched, despite the fact Naruto is stronger than Ness. After tracking Naruto, Sonic and Drago to Neathia, Sasuke is against going there as Cyborg Helios is on the loose. However, he has no choice but to go when Bowser, Ganondorf, and Kazarina disobey his orders and pursues them. Sasuke later battles against Naruto, Sonic, Drago, Fabia, and the Castle Knights and is defeated. Sasuke and the others returned to Earth towards the end of Season 5 to save the other villains. At the end of Season 5, Sasuke gets Darkus Cyborg Helios after finding him all alone. In Season 7, when Frieza turns against him, Sasuke and Mecha Sonic battle against Frieza, eventually revealing the ultimate weapon, Dragonoid Helios MK II. Afterwards, Sasuke, Mecha Sonic, Dharak, and Helios dispose of Ganondorf when he attempts to kill them. Sasuke and Mecha Sonic were the main antagonists of the first half of Season 7. In the second half of Season 7, he is forced to help defeat the Chaos Bakugan. However, it turns out the Dark Smashers had corrupted Razenoid. Later, Mecha Sonic sacrificed himself so Sasuke could escape capture. Sasuke soon frees a few of the others, and begins having second thoughts about his actions after Psycho Kirby tells him he was much happier when he was with his real friends (the heroes). Sasuke later says that Psycho Kirby was right, but says he won't turn over a new leaf just yet. The reason is that he wants to have one final battle against Naruto before he redeems himself. Sasuke fights hard but he is defeated. Afterwards, at long last, Sasuke redeems himself for his actions, this time for good. In Season 8, Sasuke is entrusted with one of the keys to Pandemonium. He later goes with Naruto and Goku to the bedroom, but leaves after Goku to save the others from being killed by Team Shadow. Sasuke then battles Venus in her second transformation, but he is ultimately defeated due to Team Shadow using underhanded tactics, losing his key to Pandemonium before getting sent there himself, but he gives Dharak and Helios to Alice so they don't suffer the same fate. Sasuke is now under Xaos' control. He is freed when Naruto transfers some of his positive energy into Sasuke. After defeating Xaos, Sasuke is embedded with the power of the core of Pandemonium. In Season 9, Sasuke and the other Heroes of Legend train in order to control their new powers. As a result, Sasuke is rarely seen in Season 9. Prior to the final battle with Mag Mel, Anubias and Sellon, Sasuke and the other Heroes of Legend are forced to fight illusions of foes from the past in another dimension. Sasuke soon realizes that by not trusting the others, he made the same mistake Master Hand made. As a result, Sasuke finally gains control over his powers and Dharak evolves into Phantom Dharak. In Season 13, Sasuke takes a far more brutal approach to battling after realizing that when he was an antagonist, he was far stronger and that rejoining the heroes made him weaker. However, he only stays with the heroes because he is bonded to the Heroes of Legend because of the Smash core. Later, Sasuke battles Naruto, but Pichu, having had the same transformation of mind, finishes the fight for him. Sasuke then abandons the heroes and is once again an antagonist. Eventually, Link and Zelda reveal that Sasuke was merely manipulating the heroes so he can gain more power. When Naruto asks if this is true, Sasuke confirms it and also reveals that he orchestrated the events of Season 8 as he had met Xaos beforehand and arranged things so he would get the core of Pandemonium and the Smash core, making Sasuke the true antagonist of the series. However, in Season 14, Sasuke comes to regret his actions, but is forced to battle Infinity Mecha Sonic and Zombie Reed when they discover this. However, Sasuke has been developing heart problems again because the Pandemonium core is slowly ripping the core fragment that is keeping him alive out, meaning that if Sasuke loses, he will die. However, Sasuke refuses to walk away quietly and accepts the battle. Unfortunately, his heart problems hinder him, and eventually Sasuke realizes he will die either way and decides to finish things with his Chidori to make it a symbol of his strength. Sadly, it is not enough and Sasuke is defeated. Before he dies, Sasuke admits to Naruto that their final battle was the greatest battle he ever had and he tells Naruto to take care of his Bakugan, and he tells Kirby to stay strong no matter what. Ultimately, Sasuke has the core fragment pulled out of him and his essence is returned to the Smash core. Sasuke is revived at the end of Season 14. In Season 16, Sasuke obtains the Ojama cards, and uses them in a duel against the Phantom Virus, the second of 4Kids' assassins. During Season 17, Sasuke becomes annoyed with Samus Aran following her liberation from Nightshroud, and even grabs her by the collar and tells her she must conquer the past. Later, Sasuke leaves Naruto, Jaden Yuki, Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Iron Man, Zombie Wasp, Tea Gardner, and Syrus Truesdale in order to find Ganondorf and retrieve Obelisk the Tormentor, though Syrus follows him covertly. Sasuke later encounters Samus, who has gone insane again, and duels her to bring her to her senses. However, Samus attempts to get into Sasuke's head, which doesn't work at first. Later on, during the siege of Gundalia, Sasuke realizes that he still needs to get his revenge and ultimately betrays his friends yet again. However, it was revealed he merely tricked Yami Bakura and Nightshroud in order to reclaim Obelisk the Tormentor for Yugi. Sasuke later helps deal the finishing blow to Zorc Necrophades. After Zorc is defeated, Sasuke is informed by Seto Kaiba that he and Naruto will duel against Yugi Muto and Kaiba to decide the champion. The duel ends in a draw, but Sasuke and Naruto are declared the champions of the tournament regardless. In Season 18, Sasuke enters the mind maze, but does not fight against Yami Bakura or Nightshroud. However, he gains Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon after Sellon and Samus defeat 2 Yami Bakura clones. Sasuke takes part in the final battle against Yami Bakura. In Season 19, Sasuke briefly battles against Yami Bakura, but the psychopath reminds Sasuke of the Uchiha Clan being destroyed. Realizing that his friends mean nothing if their happiness comes from the manipulation of the Uchiha, Sasuke betrays his friends despite the Ojamas' objections. Sasuke then prepares to battle against Goku and the zombified Vegeta. However, Yami Bakura arrives and absorbs Vegeta's power, and breaks his deal with Sasuke. However, Sasuke absorbs Zorc upon his revival and then impales Yami Bakura for his treachery. Sasuke later betrays Zombie Wasp as well and retreats to the Shadow Realm, with Naruto, Yugi, Jaden, Yusei Fudo, Ojama Yellow, and an unconscious Zombie Wasp in hot pursuit. Sasuke later reverts Cell to his semi-perfect form, and then betrays Madara Uchiha by slicing him in half. However, Itachi Uchiha steps in the way when Sasuke tries to kill Cell again, with Itachi getting killed instead. This ultimately causes Sasuke to go beyond insane, to the anguish of his friends. Eventually, Sasuke is defeated and has the Smash Core fragment removed from his body, though Naruto spares his life by restoring his original heart. Sasuke is then arrested for his atrocities, and imprisoned in lockdown at the villains' base. In Season 20, Sasuke is released by Quicksilver and enters Smash City, hoping to find a way to reclaim his lost power. Sasuke soon learns of the Battle Armor and claims it by ruthlessly defeating Aster Phoenix. Sasuke is later approached by Mecha Sonic, who offers him a way to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village, though Mecha Sonic is secretly using Sasuke for his own goals. Sasuke later battles Naruto, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake in order to kill them before burning the Leaf Village to the ground. Sasuke is able to impale Sakura with his sword and stirkes Kakashi down with Kirin, but Goku intervenes before Sasuke can kill Naruto, and Sasuke is quickly defeated. Sasuke is later nearly killed by Yami Bakura, but is saved by Android 18. Sasuke is later blackmailed by Yami Bakura when the malicious spirit reanimates the deceased Uchiha. Sasuke then battles against Itachi Uchiha to prove to his brother how much stronger he has become. Sasuke emerges victorious, but learns from Itachi that Tobi hid the truth of the Uchiha Clan Massacre from him. Enraged, Sasuke declares he is about to go on a rampage. Sasuke later forges an uneasy alliance with the heroes to get to Tobi. Sasuke later battles alongside Naruto and Pichu against Samus, and Sasuke ultimately appears to sacrifice himself in the process, apparently dying a hero's death. Sasuke's body is later found by Mutant Elfin, and it is later revealed that she turned him into an android. Sasuke is able to break free and expel the cybernetics from his body when Helios reminds him of his heritage as the last Uchiha and his promise to Itachi to never let anyone take advantage of him ever again. After Elfin is destroyed, Sasuke is offered a Smash Core fragment by Master Hand, but declines, saying he will earn it. When the others leave, Sasuke teleports to the Mountains' Graveyard and creates a statue of Samus Aran as a memorial to her, and then goes to the area where he fought Itachi, and creates a statue of Itachi as a memorial to him. Sasuke later reappears during the Time Eater Arc, having already met up with his younger self. Sasuke helps Shadow the Hedgehog battle and defeat Yami Bakura along with Bowser. During The Keys of Smash Arc, Sasuke and Helios battle against Samus, who betrayed the heroes after learning she is a part of Zorc, and Razenoid. During the fight, Sasuke questions why Samus would betray the others and go down the same path he once went down, and despite his disadvantage, Sasuke refuses to surrender, and in the process becomes an official Hero of Legend again when he regains his Smash Core fragment due to his determination, and unlocks LV 3 of the Smash Core due to a Smash Key being nearby, giving him the power to beat Samus. After he beats Samus, he tells her that she lost because she abandoned her friends, and they are what give a person strength. In Season 22, Sasuke is on the sidelines for the most part while his friends deal with Wiseman for most of the season, though he sacrifices his life to stop Samus from self-destructing and destroying the Earth along with the other Heroes of Legend, with the exceptions of Anubias and Sellon. During his training in Other World, Sasuke learns that Mutant Elfin was responsible for mutating the Razenoids, and doesn't fall for her attempts to lie about it due to Elfin confessing it a few seconds ago. After Elfin is killed and the Razenoids (except the Darkus and Subterra ones) sacrifice themselves in an attempt to stop Mag Mel's Evolved Razenoid, Sasuke regains his partnership with Razenoid. Sasuke is later revived when Bowser forces the Offspring of Zorc out of the Millennium Ring. In Season 23, Sasuke continues to fight against Coredegon and the other villains, but is severely injured when Fabia Sheen mauls him after going insane. Following this, Sasuke is taken by Dr. Eggman, who roboticizes him to save him from death. However, Sasuke is left as a mindless robot under Dr. Eggman's control as a result, though his personality does flare up, causing trouble for the doctor. Sasuke is later liberated and deroboticized by Fabia Sheen, but is horrified to learn Itachi was killed by Mechtavius Destroyer and wasn't revived afterwards. Fabia lied, however, by stating that Shadow conviniently didn't revive Itachi when really, Shadow was trying to revive everyone Mechtavius Destroyer killed, but was only able to revive Gohan, Bowser, and Samus before Mechtavius Destroyer perished. Unfortunately, Sasuke falls for Fabia's deception and is driven insane as a result, swearing to destroy every person involved in the destruction of the Uchiha, becoming an antagonist once again. Later, Sasuke realizes he was tricked after hearing Shadow's story, but is knocked out by Metal Sonic. Sasuke returns to the side of good after Drago alters history by killing Mechtavius Destroyer after he created Master Hand and Crazy Hand, but before he created BEN and Zombie Zelda, since Itachi wasn't killed in the new timeline. In Season 25, Sasuke continues to help his friends, but suffers a humiliating defeat in the second arc when Mutant Elfin is captured by Mechtavius Destroyer. Later, Sasuke manages to reclaim Mutant Elfin from Mechtavius Destroyer. At the end of Season 27, Sasuke is forcibly returned to his antagonist ways after Mechtavius Destroyer empowers Sasuke with the energy of all the villains of Universe-616 (excluding Mechtavius Destroyer himself). In Season 28, Sasuke is one of the primary antagonists, along with Yami Bakura and Mechtavius Destroyer. However, it is revealed towards the end of the first arc of Season 28 that after Psycho Kirby left, Sasuke was ambushed and imprisoned by the Nomadic Mechtogan, with Coredegon impersonating Sasuke from Season 7 to Season 28. During this revelation, the real Sasuke is freed by Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic, and learns that Coredegon orchestrated events so that he would become corrupted and desire more power. After Coredegon is defeated, Sasuke attacks the Heroes of Legend, revealing that Sasuke refuses to let go of his goals of destroying the Leaf Village. At the start of the second arc of Season 28, Sasuke and Mecha Sonic leave Vilgax in charge as they head to the Hidden Leaf Village to destroy it. In Season 29, Sasuke successfully destroys the Hidden Leaf Village after gaining a power boost from the ressurected Coredegon, after which Sasuke begins to laugh maniacally, having been completely consumed by his inner darkness and hatred. Luckily, it is revealed that this event was just a part of a dream the Heroes of Legend were trapped in. Regardless, Sasuke is still an enemy to the heroes. Later, Sasuke finally learns the full truth about the Uchiha Clan Massacre, but contrary to what Coredegon felt his reaction would be, Sasuke pierces the cores of every planet in the Smash Bros. Galaxy and states that he will cleanse the Uchiha clan by destroying everyone he knows and any species he has associated himself with. Despite absorbing the power of the Heroes of the World, Sasuke is defeated by the Heroes of Legend after they unlock their Hyper Mode. Following his defeat, Sasuke is incarcerated by Master Hand, and has completely lost the trust of the heroes, villains, and even his older brother, Itachi Uchiha. However, in a shocking turn of events, Sasuke is liberated by Sakura Haruno, which Sasuke had anticipated, and reveals this to Coredegon, setting the stage for the final battle. Later, Sasuke reveals that he had used his resources to make a serum with the positive benefits of the zombie plague (like regeneration and reduced pain) without the negative effects, and that he deceived Coredegon by replacing himself with a clone, allowing Sasuke to gather information about the Heroes of Legend behind the scenes. During the final battle, it is revealed by Master Hand that Sasuke is one of the Dark Triune, along with Yami Bakura and Mechtavius Destroyer. In Season 30, Sasuke begins to have a change of heart after the Leaf Village is destroyed by Sakura, as he rejected her and many lives were lost due to his arrogance. As a result, Sasuke is determined to prevent the loss of any more innocent lives, much to the surprise of the gods and the other villains. Sasuke proves this by refusing to kill the heroes during the battle against the Nomadic Mechtogan in Other World since they are linked by DNA, and would die if the Nomadic Mechtogan were erased from existence and helps them escape the Home For Infinite Losers rather than kill them. During the final battle, Sasuke offers to help the Heroes of Legend defeat Mechtavius Destroyer, but first he tracks down Sakura in a final effort to save her from the path of darkness he once walked down on. While the end of their confrontation isn't shown, Sasuke manages to get through to Sakura, and later arrives during the beam struggle between Gohan and Mechtavius Destroyer. In Season 34, Sasuke learns that Tobi is actually Obito Uchiha, a former ally of Kakashi's who was thought to be deceased. The fact that an Uchiha was responsible for the downfall of the Uchiha clan causes Sasuke to snap. However, before Sasuke can kill Tobi, Ganondorf and Mechtavius Destroyer use a smokescreen to get away with Tobi. Sasuke then leaves the Heroes of Legend due to his new desire for revenge against Tobi, which Bowser forces the other Heroes of Legend to allow since he feels Sasuke just isn't meant to be a hero. Sasuke then proceeds to recruit Fawful and Samus, the latter having gone insane once again, as part of Team Corruption for the second Neo Smash Champion Tourney, effectively becoming an antagonist once again. However, Sasuke later rejoins the Heroes of Legend due to Team Corruption being integrated into the Heroes of Legend as a result of their teamwork. When the Heroes of Legend begin to stray from the path of good following their transformation into pure Phazon, Sasuke takes full command of the Heroes of Legend, and orchestrates the majority of the Heroes of Legend's actions in their effort to remake the world and establish their own identities. Following Mecha Sally's failure to remake the world due to not being built for that purpose, Sasuke steals the contents of Tobi's lab and takes Mecha Sally to Subspace, planning to make the most of the current situation. After learning that Midna was in charge of The Revolutionaries, Sasuke begins to wonder who the Heroes of Legend's enemies really are, and proceeds to revive Mephiles the Dark, who tells the Heroes of Legend to figure that out for themselves. As a result, Sasuke has the Heroes of Legend battle against several of the heroes to see if they deserve to be reborn, with Sasuke deciding to fight against Itachi. During the battle, Sasuke is contacted by Samus, who informs Sasuke that her eyesight is deteriorating and asks him to take Itachi's eyes and transplant them into her. Sasuke then asks Itachi if he is willing to transplant his eyes into Samus after the battle ends, but learns that Itachi is suffering from illness. When Itachi reveals that he doesn't have long, and that he knows that Sasuke is confused about who his enemies are, Sasuke asks Itachi why he was spared during the Uchiha Clan Massacre. Itachi then reveals to Sasuke the full truth behind the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and tells Sasuke that he spared him because he couldn't bring himself to kill him and that he wanted an Uchiha to avenge their clan. Itachi then embraces Sasuke, telling him that no matter what he does now, Itachi will always love him. Sasuke is then poked in the forehead by Itachi, who tells him that he is proud of Sasuke and tells him to never let anyone manipulate him ever again, and says that Sasuke can release the Uchiha clan from its Curse of Hatred before dying from illness. Sasuke then has Dr. Mario remove Itachi's eyes so he can give them to Samus, and breaks down in tears after reminiscing about his childhood with Itachi. After Dr. Mario removes Itachi's eyes, Sasuke heads to Final Destination, where he successfully transplants Itachi's eyes into Samus. After telling Samus that it will take time for her to adjust to Itachi's eyes, Sasuke asks Meta Knight where the Brawl Spectator Society's HQ is, with Meta Knight saying it is in New Pork City. With this information, Sasuke heads to New Pork City to confront Midna and put an end to her rebellion. However, Midna challenges Sasuke to defeat the Revolutionaries if he wants to reach her. Remembering Itachi's last words, Sasuke accepts Midna's challenge. During his fight with King Dedede, Sasuke receives unexpected help in the form of Orochimaru, who helps Sasuke fight King Dedede and later Dark Samus when he is briefly overwhelmed. Although Sasuke is suspicious of Orochimaru's intentions, Orochimaru explains that he has to go through the same endurance test as well since he wants to pay Midna a visit but cannot due to her renovations. On the way to Dark Samus, Sasuke asks Orochimaru what he sees in Midna, and learns from Orochimaru more about Midna's past. After defeating Midna with the other Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune, Sasuke and the other Heroes of Legend challenge the Heroes of the World to determine everyone's fate, but it is revealed that Sasuke and the others were stalling until they could summon Master Hand, but rather than destroy the current reality, Sasuke reveals that he and the other Heroes of Legend are unsure of what to do now, and don't even know what they want. In Season 35, following the ritual, Sasuke begins acting on his own accord and absorbs Midna and Orochimaru's souls so they can't possess him. Following this, Sasuke begins to carry out his new plans of vengeance against those who have wronged the Uchiha and the Heroes of Legend in the past, killing Ghirahim, the Dimensional Leaders, and most of their bodyguards in the process, the latter due to Obito and Kabuto's manipulations as Sasuke intended on killing Ganondorf first. During the conflict with the Dimensional Leaders, Sasuke infects Starly, one of Stario's bodyguards, with Phazon, resulting in Starly being taken back to Subspace by the Heroes of Legend while Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi confront Sasuke. Sasuke reveals his intentions to his former teammates and teacher, and attempts to kill Sakura and Kakashi only to be stopped by Naruto. Sasuke then learns that Obito told Naruto that they are destined to fight each other one day, resulting in Sasuke deciding to spare his former allies for the time being. Throughout the rest of Season 35, Sasuke begins to learn more about the others as well as Starly, and even takes Starly under his wing, which proves to a fatal mistake since Starly is eventually revealed to be Mephiles' reincarnation. During the finale of Season 35, after the Solaris Dimension Ship absorbs the other Dimensional Cycles into it, Sasuke proceeds to hunt down the other Master Hand and kills most of them with ease. However, before Sasuke can kill the Polygon Master Hand, the Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune arrive, and Naruto reveals to Sasuke that all of the other villains have been using to Sasuke to build up enough negative emotion to ressurect the Dark Star X and turn him into its host. Despite this, Sasuke kills the Polygon Master Hand, resulting in the Dark Star X being ressurected. After the Dark Star X flings the Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune away, the Dark Star X attempts to tempt Sasuke into letting it possess him. However, Sasuke rebukes the Dark Star X, and reveals that he plans to restore the Uchiha Clan's honor, and even admits that Sonic's assumption that he was using the Heroes of Legend the whole time was true. Sasuke then tells the Dark Star X that he was only working with the Heroes of Legend because he thought it was what Itachi wanted, but that ever since Itachi said he would still love Sasuke no matter how low he sunk, Sasuke realized that he doesn't need to be a Hero of Legend, but acknowledges that what he is doing is wrong, and wants the Heroes of Legend to be capable of stopping him, hence why he refused to let them return to the side of good. Sasuke then declares that nothing else matters to him now but avenging the Uchiha Clan, and tells the Dark Star X to allow him to absorb it, but let him stay in control. Impressed by Sasuke's control over his hatred, the Dark Star X merges with Sasuke. After absorbing the Dark Star X, Sasuke interrupts Naruto's fight with Starly, and reveals to Naruto that he was indeed manipulating the Heroes of Legend, but declares that none of that matters as it is time for their final battle to begin. In Season 36, following Starly's sealing and Metal Sonic's statement that Sasuke has lived a life of hatred, Sasuke become emotionally conflicted on whether revenge is really what he wants. This ultimately culminates in the Heroes of Legend's conflict with Kabuto Yakushi, where Sasuke sacrifices himself to save his former allies from Kabuto's attack. On the verge of death, Sasuke reveals that besides wanting to ease the pain the Heroes of Legend would feel if he defected, he also prevented them from redeeming themselves because he initially didn't want to betray the Heroes of Legend. In his final moments, Sasuke finally understands that Itachi wanted Sasuke to be a hero, and entrusts Peach and Rosalina with changing the Uchiha clan's fate by releasing it from their Curse of Hatred. Sasuke then awakens in the border of the world of the living and the world of the dead, where he sees his father, Fugaku Uchiha, waiting for him. Sasuke then proceeds to tell his father what happened since the Uchiha Clan Massacre, and asks his father if he really asked Itachi to protect him, which Fugaku confirms. A light then appears after this, prompting Fugaku to tell Sasuke that he can't die yet, and tells his son that no matter what he does, he will always be proud of Sasuke, and moves on to Other World. As Sasuke is engulfed by the light, he realizes that Peach is the same girl he met in the forest seven years ago. Sasuke is then revived by Sakura and Starly, who Sasuke personally thanks for reviving him as Sakura passes out from exhaustion and reverts to her human form (which has become elderly due to Sakura's 900 year training in the Dome). After giving the unconscious Sakura to Fabia, Sasuke teams up with Naruto, Bowser, Kirby, Peach, Mario, and Shadow to defeat Kabuto once and for all. Following the battle with Kabuto, Sasuke leaves the Heroes of Legend to pursue his goals of revenge, but tells them that he will help them against a greater threat. Sasuke later helps the Heroes of Legend once more against Sonic.exe after Peach and Bowser betray the Heroes of Legend, causing Sasuke to believe that the Curse of Hatred can't be escaped. However, after hearing Bowser and Luigi comment on how the Uchiha will become so consumed by hatred that they blame everything for their suffering and that Peach won't end up like Sasuke, Sasuke attempts to kill Bowser with Chidori to prove that he doesn't care about the Heroes of Legend anymore, only for Mario to take the blow and expressing to Sasuke how he would have believed Itachi was right to entrust the Uchiha clan's fate to Sasuke if Sasuke didn't keep lying to himself. Sasuke later helps the Heroes of Legend in their final battle against the Heroes of the World, and is just as devastated when they die from the EXE Virus. In Season 37, Sasuke renews his morals along with the rest of the Heroes of Legend, stating that he still wants revenge for the Uchiha clan, but only wants to destroy the ones truly responsible for the Uchiha clan's decimation. In Season 38, Sasuke learns that the Curse of Hatred is the result of an Uchiha's love turning into hatred the moment they lose their loved ones, prompting Sasuke to leave the Heroes of Legend to determine his purpose in life, although he rejoins the Heroes of Legend after their fall from grace while sharing their resentment towards the Smash World, although Sasuke has slowly begun to forgive the Smash World due to the influence of Batman and Superman while conquering his hatred in the process.

Younger SasukeEdit


Younger Sasuke

Younger Sasuke is Sasuke as he appeared in the original Naruto series. He first appears in the Time Eater Arc, having teamed up with his older self offscreen. Younger Sasuke is similar to the present day Sasuke, but he has yet to learn the truth that his older self already learned about the Uchiha Clan Massacre, as he showed slight confusion when his future self was angered at Yami Bakura for disrespecting Itachi. Oddly enough, Sasuke was being impersonated by Coredegon at the time, so Sasuke's younger self shouldn't have appeared. Currently, the real Sasuke has yet to be seen interacting with his younger self.


Sasuke's appearance is based off his appearance in Naruto Shippuden. On Lyoko, he wore an outfit similar to William's when possessed by XANA, but with the Uchiha crest on the back.

When he was impersonated by Coredegon, Sasuke acquires a black outfit to symbolize his rebirth, but again with the Uchiha crest on the back. In Season 16, Sasuke replaces his black jacket with a brown jacket. Sasuke also acquires an Obelisk Blue Academy Duel Disk. During the final battle against Samus and Yami Bakura, Sasuke reverts to his original appearance. In Season 18, Sasuke replaced the Obelisk Blue Duel Disk with the KC Duel Disk. In Season 19, Sasuke wears his most recent outfit in Naruto Shippuden. After Itachi is killed, Sasuke acquires a hooded Akatsuki cloak from Kisame. Sasuke later removes the Akatsuki cloak. However, since this was really Coredegon in disguise, Sasuke never wore these outfits, though he would later change to his current Shippuden outfit in Season 29.


Sasuke is a cruel, uncaring, heartless person. Sasuke is also arrogant and refuses to accept defeat. Like Vegeta, Sasuke is hard to control due to his pride. However, Sasuke did initially respect the affairs of another planet, as he refused to go to Neathia as it has gone through enough, but would later endanger other planets as part of his plans or the Heroes of Legend's new goals. Sasuke also plans his moves carefully, as he felt Ganondorf would still be useful at first. However, Sasuke did not tolerate treachery as he and Mecha Sonic dispose of Frieza and Ganondorf for their betrayal. This begins to change after Psycho Kirby points out that he was much happier when he was with the heroes. Unfortunately, these words didn't have enough time to sink in, as Sasuke was soon captured by Coredegon. By Season 29, Sasuke is beyond redemption, as he ruthlessly destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village, and laughed maniacally after killing its civilians, relishing in cruel delight at having cleansed the Uchiha Clan's name. Sasuke also shows more hatred towards the ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village, as he spared them so he could kill them slowly and painfully. Even though this was just an illusion created by Coredegon, this proved that Sasuke is beyond redemption at this point. After learning the full truth about the Uchiha Clan Massacre, Sasuke loses whatever trace of sanity he had left, as he threatened to kill everyone he knew as well as every species he has associated himself with, along with threatening to destroy the Smash Bros. Galaxy in the process. In addition, Sasuke ruthlessly impaled Itachi, calling his older brother a traitor to the Uchiha for siding with the heroes, showing that Sasuke won't hesitate to attack those he was once close to. After absorbing the Heroes of the World, Sasuke reveals that he doesn't intend to stop his vengeful rampage after the Smash Bros. Galaxy, and plans to kill all life in the multiverse while keeping their planets for himself, showing that Sasuke has become as cruel as Mechtavius Destroyer. However, following the destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village, Sasuke realizes that his arrogance has caused others to suffer, and from then on tries to prevent the loss of any more lives no matter what. However, after learning that Tobi is really Obito Uchiha, Sasuke has a mental breakdown, as he has spent his entire life trying to avenge the Uchiha clan only to find out an Uchiha was responsible for their downfall. Following this, Sasuke becomes determined to kill Tobi once and for all. As time passes on with this new path of revenge, Sasuke becomes crueler, more controlling, and unstable, as he assisted the Heroes of Legend in instigating a war between the dimensions even though it had nothing to do with Tobi, forces the more pacifistic Heroes of Legend into helping him, albeit in his own manipulative way, and showed delight at the thought of remaking the world in the Heroes of Legend's image. However, following the Battle at the Stadium, Sasuke begins to wonder who the Heroes of Legend's enemies really are, resulting in his decision to revive Mephiles to get these answers. During his final encounter with Itachi, Sasuke asks Itachi why he was spared during the Uchiha Clan Massacre, suggesting that Sasuke would have rather died than have to endure what Itachi put him through. However, after Itachi tells Sasuke that he will still love him no matter what he does, Sasuke becomes confused on what he wants in life. Sasuke's confusion is only escalated after his battles against Ghirahim and the Dimensional Leaders. However, Sasuke eventually decides that avenging the Uchiha Clan is more important than anything else, and abandons the Heroes of Legend to fufill his dark ambitions. In Season 36, after Starly says that she was proud to be Sasuke's student and Metal Sonic's statement that Sasuke has lived a life of hatred, Sasuke becomes emotionally conflicted, unsure if he truly wants revenge. This ultimately culminates during the battle with Kabuto, where Sasuke sacrifices himself to protect the Heroes of Legend, finally realizing that Itachi wanted Sasuke to be a hero. Despite this, Sasuke attempts to sever his ties to the Heroes of Legend after Bowser states that the Uchiha will blame everything for their suffering by killing Bowser, but is unable to do so after Mario sacrifices himself while stating that Sasuke has been lying to himself, causing Sasuke to become conflicted once more. Ultimately, Sasuke's internal suffering reaches its peak when Starly attempts to kill him and the other descendants of the Creator, as he was unable to bring himself to kill Starly, and finally understood the pain that Naruto had to endure in his efforts to save him. Following the events in EXE City, Sasuke's desire for revenge remains strong, though he now only wants revenge on those who truly caused the Uchiha clan to suffer as well as the Smash World due to the stress that the Heroes of Legend have had to endure over the years, although Sasuke has slowly begun to forgive the Smash World due to the influence of Batman and Superman.

Alternate FormsEdit

Cursed Seal Sasuke: unchanged from Naruto Shippuden

Pure State: Sasuke obtained this form when Psycho Kirby unlocked due to Sasuke being pure evil at the time.

Balanced State: Sasuke obtained this form after beating Zombie Wasp because the Shy Guys of Icicle Mountain said they'd think about it, but never expected Sasuke to win and had to keep their word.

Dragonoid Helios MK II- Sasuke's ultimate form. He combines with Titanium Mecha Dragonoid, which loses its arms and legs and has a hole for another head, with Maxus Helios to unleash this nightmare machine, which he and Mecha Sonic control from the cockpit. It was first used to dispose of Frieza. It was never used again since Helios evolved into Infinity Helios.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Note: Sasuke mainly uses the Darkus attribute

Darkus Dharak (Guardian Bakugan, given to Alice then returned)

  • Darkus Phantom Dharak (Evolved Guardian)
  • Darkus Razenoid (Mutated Guardian, defected, but later returns to him)
  • Darkus Evolved Razenoid (Evolved Mutated Guardian, currently with the Heroes of Legend)

Darkus Dreadeon (Razenoid's Mechtogan)

Darkus Razen Titan (Razenoid's Mechtogan Titan)

Darkus Cyborg Helios (Received at the end of Season 5, given to Alice then returned)

  • Darkus Infinity Helios (Evolved Guardian, currently with the Heroes of Legend)

Silver Bombaplode (Infinity Helios' BakuNano)

Darkus Slynix (Infinity Helios' Mechtogan)

Darkus Doomtronic (Infinity Helios' Battle Suit)

Darkus Zoompha (Infinity Helios' Mobile Assault)

Haos Mutant Elfin (defected, later returns to him, defects again, and returns again, but captured by Mechtavius Destroyer, but later retrieved. Currently with the Heroes of Legend)

Silver Sonicanon (Mutant Elfin's BakuNano)

Haos Accelerak (Mutant Elfin's 1st Mechtogan)

Darkus Thorak (Mutant Elfin's 2nd Mechtogan)

Pyrus Flytris (Mutant Elfin's 3rd Mechtogan)

Aquos Thorak (Mutant Elfin's 4th Mechtogan)

Subterra Flytris (Mutant Elfin's 5th Mechtogan)

Ventus Chromopod (Mutant Elfin's 6th Mechtogan)

Haos Rapilator (Mutant Elfin's Mobile Assault)

Darkus Combustoid (Mutant Elfin's First Battle Suit)

Darkus Fortatron (Mutant Elfin's Second Battle Suit)

Haos Combustoid (Mutant Elfin's Third Battle Suit)

Darkus Fear Ripper (Fourth Guardian Bakugan, formerly)


  • Sasuke was the only one of the main causes for the possible apocalypse to have obtained the Balanced State.
  • Sasuke was a main antagonist of every season except Seasons 5, 8-12 and 14-18. He was not the final antagonist of any season except Seasons 4, 6, 13, and 19 though. (Smithy was the final antagonist of Season 1, Ganondorf was the final antagonist of Season 2, the Earth-2149 Zombies were in a way the final antagonists of Season 3, Dark Marth was the final antagonist of Season 5, Subterra Razenoid was the central antagonist of Season 7 until the true Dark Smashers appeared, and Sasuke became a protagonist in Season 7 up until Season 19, and returned to his friends in Season 20 up until Season 24)
  • Sasuke was the first main cause of the possible apocalypse to redeem himself.
  • During the series, Sasuke was injured in a beam struggle and was unable to survive without a life-support device, making Sasuke slightly similar to Iron Man in that area. However, the Smash Core was able to act as a substitute life-support device. It is later revealed that Sasuke's heart was healing slowly.
  • Sasuke is the most recurring villain in the series.
  • Sasuke is the only one of the main causes for the possible apocalypse to appear in every season of Super Smash Bros. Crossover.
  • Sasuke has the most Mechtogan out of any character with a total of eight Mechtogan, due to Mutant Elfin's mutation.