Reiaz is a major character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He first appears in Season 10 as a minor villain since he punched Mason Brown during Lena Isis' battle against Zenet Surrow, leading to Lena's corruption. Reiaz returns in Season 11 after Dark Mason gathers the weapons of the Heroes of Legend, where it is revealed that Dark Mason was a portion of Reiaz possessing Mason. After absorbing the fragment of his soul back, Reiaz disposes of Mason's body. Reiaz is the final antagonist of Season 11. During the finale, Reiaz attempts to self destruct, but the Heroes of Legend transport him to the Smash core where he is engulfed. Despite this, he manages to return due to inserting a fragment of his soul in Zenet and Lena. However, he is ultimately killed by Pichu when he combines the power of the weapons of the Heroes of Legend due to Meta Knight distracting him. However, Reiaz is revived in Season 13 by Yami Bakura. However, Reiaz is unable to leave the core zone as he is merely a spirit. At the end of Season 13, Reiaz appears to have reformed. Unfortunately, Reiaz is killed when Yami Bakura takes the negative core with him as he merges with Zorc, apparently killing Reiaz for good. However, Reiaz returns in Season 20 when Yami Bakura is hit so hard in the gut by Cell, he is forced to regurgitate Reiaz. Reiaz returns to his antagonist ways during The Keys of Smash Arc, where he is forced to work with Xaos by Yami Bakura in order to gain the mysterious key the heroes acquired. In Season 22, it is revealed that Reiaz was never evil to begin with, and Master Hand and Crazy Hand made it look that way.


  • Just like Xaos, Reiaz has the same model as another character. Reiaz has the same model as Marth.
  • Reiaz is even more heartless than Xaos, as he had Yami Marik send many people to the Shadow Realm, which is worse than death. He also put Zenet into a coma, as he felt she was useless.
  • Reiaz may be the person Zombie Reed got the power he used to corrupt Zenet and the top tiers, minus Meta Knight, from rather than the Smash World core. Why Reiaz helped him is unknown.
  • While Reiaz is power hungry, it has yet to be seen if he desires the Pandemonium core like Xaos did.
  • Reiaz is the first major antagonist to not be killed by the Heroes of Legend. Rather, he is killed by Pichu.