Princess H

Princess H. Sweet lady or Crazy Psycho? That is ze question.

Princess H is a new character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Like in Smashtasm, she is a protagonist. Princess H is first seen arguing with DK from the Yoshi and DK show and G-Dorf when Yamcha and the Links (Link and Smashtasm Link) are passing by. The 2 groups then decide to travel together and are next seen when Yamcha is saving the comatose Heroes of Legend, minus Fabia Sheen who was being possessed by Yami Bakura, from getting eaten by a fish. Princess H proceeds to attack Yami Bakura, but he doesn't feel a thing and tosses her aside where she is eaten by the fish. Despite this, she reunites with the others and joins them in their search for 1337f0x.