Pichu is one of the main protagonists in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He and Pikachu are best friends. Pichu usually sits on the sidelines, but will fight when he has to. In Season 11 onward, Pichu plays a more important role. Pichu was forced to play Yami Bakura's twisted RPG game along with Yami Marik. Despite Yami Marik getting defeated, and Bakura capturing almost all of Pichu's friends, Pichu is able to destroy the RPG Board and free everyone. In Season 13, Pichu is defeated by Sasuke Uchiha, Psycho Kirby, Zombie Spider-Man, and Fabia Sheen and takes a far more brutal approach to battling after embracing his inner darkness. However, Pichu realizes that he was tricked when Mewtwo sacrifices himself to rid Pichu of his dark half, but he is overwhelmed by the darkness. Pichu manages to break free after Dark Pichu is severly weakened, allowing Pichu to become the dominant mind while Dark Pichu is his victim. No longer blinded by darkness, Pichu uses Thunderjolt to destroy Dark Pichu, as Pichu's Electric attacks hurt himself. Pichu is revealed to have moved to Smash City during Season 20, and lives with Pikachu and Naruto Uzumaki. Pichu later battles against Dark Pichu, and eventually realizes that they are equal in strength and, after resolving their differences, Pichu refuses with his dark counterpart and goes into space to help his friends fight against an insane Samus Aran. After the battle, Pichu is entrusted with Samus' Smash Core fragment, as she states he's earned it. In Season 22, Pichu becomes a Dark Hero of Legend after being consumed by his hatred towards Meta Knight, becoming an antagonist as a result. Pichu is later purified by Sellon. Later, Pichu and the other Heroes of Legend, minus Anubias and Sellon, sacrifice themselves to stop Samus from destroying the Earth. Pichu is later revived when Bowser forces the Offspring of Zorc to leave the Millennium Ring, which the Heroes of Legend had at the time. In Season 24, Pichu goes to Neathia with Ren Krawler, Sakura Haruno, and Bowser to prevent Fabia from turning the Neathians into cannibals, but is killed along with Sakura after Bowser and Ren fall to Mechtavius Destroyer. Pichu is revived due to Drago killing Mechtavius Destroyer in the past. In Season 28, Pichu fuses with Pikachu in order to fight against the new and improved Mechtavius Destroyer.


  • Despite his small size and tier status in Melee, Pichu has proven to be quite powerful, as he managed to beat Dark Mason. Pichu also has some untapped potential, as he was able to destroy Reiaz for good and defeated Yami Bakura, something not even the Heroes of Legend were able to accomplish.
  • Pichu and Psycho Kirby are the only ones who didn't wear a black outfit following their rebirth.
  • Pichu's fusion with Pikachu is a reference to the special event Pichu that is colored like a Pikachu.