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Phantom Dharak

Phantom Dharak is a Bakugan from Gundalia and is the former Guardian Bakugan of Emperor Barodius. He was an antagonist due to belonging to Barodius, but is now a protagonist due to being taken by Masquerade. Phantom Dharak is also the father of Dharak. Like his son, Phantom Dharak has a fierce rivalry with Drago. Unlike Dharak, Phantom Dharak has been infused with Drago's DNA. Phantom Dharak was very loyal to Barodius, but is now loyal to Masquerade. In Season 20, it is revealed that the Phantom Dharak won by Masquerade was actually a clone of the real Phantom Dharak, who had become Evolved Razenoid at this point.


  • Dharak wasn't going to evolve as it would have caused confusion with Phantom Dharak.
  • Phantom Dharak always stands
    Phantom Dharak

    Phantom Dharak in Ball Form

    in midair.
  • Phantom Dharak is the only Twelve Orders Bakugan that joined the heroes but without his master.