Naruto Uzumaki's regular appearance

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of Super Smash Bros. Crossover. In this series, Naruto has teamed up with characters from other franchises to save the dimensions from being completely destroyed by beings such as Solaris and the Dark Star X. In this series, due to Dan Kuso not appearing for most of the series, Fusion Dragonoid is Naruto's partner Bakugan. In Season 22 onward, Naruto shares Drago with Dan. Naruto, along with Goku, Zombie Spider-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Psycho Kirby, Fabia Sheen, Ren Krawler, Pichu, Anubias, Sellon, Zombie Wasp, Sakura Haruno, Gohan, Bowser, Samus Aran, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Ben Tennyson, The Dark Surfer, Zombie Wolverine, Zombie Iron Man, The Punisher of Earth-TRN028, Boo Rock, Mewtwo, Sasuke Uchiha, Vegeta, Princess Peach, Metal Sonic, Ganondorf, Yami Bakura, Rosalina, and Bass, is one of the Heroes of Legend. In addition, Naruto is also one of The Creator's Triune, along with Sonic, Goku, Sasuke Uchiha, Yami Bakura, Mechtavius Destroyer, Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo. In Season 5, after Jesse's death, Naruto, Sonic and Drago leave the Xavier Institute, thinking they can't face the others ever again, especially Ren. The trio decide to train on Neathia, hoping Fabia wouldn't mind. However they were only allowed to train there after defeating Sasuke, Bowser, Ganondorf, and Kazarina. Afterwards, they are made members of the Neathian Castle Knights. They soon return to Earth after finding out what happened to their friends, and battle against Dark Marth and finish him off once and for all. As a reward, Psycho Kirby revives Goku and Jesse. In Season 6, Naruto tries to help comfort Drago about his nightmares. Later, Naruto is shocked when Drago spawns the Chaos Bakugan, and is startled that Drago still can't control his powers. However, he is quickly reassured that it is just Drago who can't control his powers. After learning Razenoid's origin, Naruto continues trying to comfort Drago. However, Naruto and Drago are soon hit by an explosion, curtesy of Bowser, and is blasted to Peach's Castle. Luckily, Kirby arrives to save Naruto and Drago from Bowser and Bowser Jr. berfore the two teams engage in battle. Luckily, Naruto, Drago, and Kirby manage to beat them thanks to Yoshi's arrival. Later on, Naruto, Goku and Drago have a fierce battle against the corrupted Peach and Zelda of the silly Melee universe. They manage to win, but have to recover in the healing tank afterwards. After coming out of the healing tank, Naruto, Goku, and Drago are assaulted by explosions, curtesy of Stoica and Dark Captain Falcon who were ordered to isolate them from their friends. Naruto then battles Stoica, and later he battles Sasuke and Emperor Barodius and while he is shown to be evenly matched with them, Naruto reveals he was holding back and pulls out the win. In Season 7, Naruto shows Mason, who is still healing from the battle against Peach and Zelda of the silly Melee universe, the rankings in the Smash World Grand Prix. Naruto was going to battle against Cell after learning what happened to Kirby, but Mario goes in his place. Later, he and Sasuke have one of their fiercest battles, and Naruto wins. In Season 8, Naruto is entrusted with one of the keys to Pandemonium. Naruto is on the sidelines for most of this season as a result. Later, he battles Master Hand, who is under Xaos' control, but loses. However, he doesn't lose his key because Kirby sent him to the bedroom. Naruto heads to New Vestroia before going into Pandemonium to recruit Storm Skyress. Naruto then enters Pandemonium with Link, Zelda, Wolverine, Iron Man, Gohan, Ben Tennyson, Inuyasha, and Samus Aran. After defeating Xaos, Naruto is embedded with the core of Pandemonium. In Season 9, Naruto is once again on the sidelines as he is training to get control of his new powers, but is targeted by new foes like Anubias, Sellon, and Mag Mel. Prior to the final battle, Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend are forced to battle against illusions of past foes in another dimension. In Season 13, Naruto becomes a moderator for the tournament. After Sasuke, Fabia, Psycho Kirby, Zombie Spider-Man and Pichu resort to cruelty and aggression, Naruto is the only good Hero of Legend that is still alive. Naruto and Yami Bakura are forced to work together to bring the others to their senses. Along the way, Naruto fights Anubias and Sellon one last time and wins, gaining Anubias' respect, and also battles Fabia and wins thanks to Yami Bakura. Naruto then goes to the places Goku, Sonic, and Ren died to get their weapons so he can use them in the final battle. Along the way, he witnesses Piccolo, Yamcha, and Pikachu fall in defeat, and he learns from Pikachu that Pichu is being manipulated by his inner darkness. After this, Naruto promises to avenge the fallen, but must get backup first. Naruto gets lost along the way and winds up in the N64 Race to the Finish. Naruto finds Mewtwo, Zombie Giant-Man, and Yoshi struggling against Fighting Polygons and he helps them out. After exchanging stories, Naruto learns that Zombie Wasp was killed. The four hurry to save Vegeta, who Naruto sensed was in trouble, and Kirby, who was fighting Psycho Kirby. However, Naruto is unable to save Vegeta, as he arrived too late, and is unable to save Kirby because Samus, who was driven insane by her enhanced power, intercepted them and drained Kirby's energy, which couldn't be prevented since Samus absorbed Zombie Giant-Man's power beforehand. After learning of Mewtwo's sacrifice. Naruto prepares to launch an assault, but is forced to leave the others when Yoshi runs off to prove himself. Along the way, Naruto frees William Dunbar, Azula, Link, Zelda, DK, and Jigglypuff. However, Link and Zelda betray the group, forcing Naruto, William, and Azula to go on while DK fights them and Fawful, who was there for an unknown reason, and Jigglypuff heads off to avenge Kirby. The trio meet up with Gohan and Ben Tennyson along the way and the five launch an assault on the villains' doomship to find Sasuke. However, they are intercepted by Bowser, Ganondorf, Frieza, Cell, and Fabia, the latter seeking to get payback. Naruto battles against Fabia while wearing electrodes and manages to use her own Destructo Disk against her combined with his use of Piccolo's Light Grenade to deal some serious damage. Later, Naruto and Yami Bakura battle Sasuke and Dark Pichu. In Season 14, Naruto has a brief battle with the Pecking Order before getting interrupted by Psycho Kirby, who tells them to save it for the tournament. Naruto is then introduced to Sephiroth, and reluctantly allows Yami Bakura to take control and meet Sephiroth. Naruto then rushes off to tell Cloud Strife and Sora about his encounter with Sephiroth and is warned to be careful. The next day, Naruto battles Sephiroth and is evenly matched with him despite using Anubias and Sellon's power. Midway through the battle, Naruto allows Yami Bakura to take control, but tags out again and uses the Spirit Rasengan to deal the finishing blow. However, it isn't enough to finish Sephiroth, but Sephiroth decides he has seen what he needed to see and retreats with Bowser. Naruto then asks himself just strong Sephiroth really is. Later, Naruto learns Sasuke was remorseful for his actions and tried to help him fight Infinity Mecha Sonic and Zombie Reed, but Sasuke insisted on fighting alone. Naruto then witnesses Sasuke die as his fragment of the Smash core is extracted and Sasuke's essence is returned to the Smash core. Naruto later meets Yugi Muto (not Yami Yugi) for the first time. Throughout Season 14, Naruto is forced to witness his friends get killed by Pandoria. Naruto and Yami Yugi later battle/duel against Mecha Sonic and win. Shortly after, Naruto, Yugi, and Goku (the only other Hero of Legend to survive up to this point) have their final battle against Pandoria. In the first half of Season 15, Naruto was temporarily immobilized due to Anubias's Shadow Battle against Yami Bakura being within his mind. Later, Naruto engages in a final duel against Yami Bakura and wins thanks to the help of a reformed Zelda. In the second half of Season 15, due to all the betrayals recently, Naruto becomes less trusting of others, only trusting a few people, and he dons the "rebirth" outfit to show this. Later, Naruto battles against Sephiroth one last time and wins. Afterwards, Naruto is declared the champion of the Smash World Grand Prix. Naruto is then sent back in time to battle his younger self back when he was traveling the universe with the Galacti to restore it (while at the same time ending all life in it only to revive it afterwards) as that was when he was at his worst. During the fight, Naruto realizes just because some people can't be trusted, that doesn't mean they can't be given a chance. After the fight, Naruto wakes up in a desert and gets a letter from his friends. In Season 16, Naruto is warned by Marik Ishtar from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged about 4Kids, and Naruto decides to get back to the others. Along the way, Naruto battles against Thrax, one of 4Kids' assassins, and wins. Naruto is then reunited with Zelda (really Yami Zelda in disguise), but realizes it is really Yami Zelda. Naruto then reunites with his friends, only for Yami Zelda to reveal herself. Later, Naruto is seperated from most of his friends again by Noah Kaiba, with only Jaden Yuki for company. Later, Naruto and Jaden duel the Phantom Virus and win by using their monsters in sync. Naruto and Jaden are then forced to witness the Phantom Virus get destroyed by Noah for failing him. In Season 17, Naruto and Zane Truesdale tag duel against Nightshroud, and manage to free Samus Aran and Tea Gardner from his grasp, though Zane dies in the process. Later, Naruto, Yugi, and Jaden duel against Samus, who is insane once again, with the fate of the world on the line. Later, Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend battle against Samus and Yami Bakura to settle things once and for all, but Samus and Yami Bakura retreat due to sensing Razanak. Naruto later helps deal the finishing blow against Zorc Necrophades. After Zorc is defeated, Naruto is informed by Seto Kaiba that he and Sasuke will duel against Kaiba and Yugi Muto to decide the champion. The duel ends in a draw, but Naruto and Sasuke are declared the champions regardless. In Season 18, Naruto falls unconscious when Yami Bakura uses the power of the Shadow Realm in his mind. Naruto is later possessed by Yami Bakura in order to prevent Magneto from ruining "the ultimate game". Naruto later enters the Mind Maze with the other Heroes of Legend, and watches them defeat each Yami Bakura clone. Naruto then prepares to fight Yami Bakura in his mind. Naruto later fights against Yami Bakura one last time and wins. In Season 19, after Yami Bakura dies purifying Zombie Wasp, Naruto pursues Sasuke, who had betrayed the Heroes of Legend, into the Shadow Realm to bring him back. In Season 20, Naruto and the rest of the Heroes of Legend and a select few moved to Smash City. Naruto and some of the others then head to the Land of Lightning to prevent the Akatsuki from capturing the Eight-Tails. However, they are followed by Sasuke, Mecha Sonic, Jr. Troopa, and Kracko. As a result, Naruto, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake battle against their former ally Sasuke after arriving at the Hidden Leaf Village, but have difficulty since they need to save their energy for the fight with the Akatsuki. Naruto later manages to save Killer B from the Akatsuki and is shocked that the second Smash Core fragment he had chose Sakura as Sasuke's replacement. Later, Naruto is incapacitated by Yami Bakura, who proceeds to absorb some of the Nine-Tails power. Naruto later has the Nine-Tailed Fox extracted by the Akatsuki, but survives due to his high stamina. Later, Naruto fuses with the other Heroes of Legend in order to purify Samus. After Samus moves onto the afterlife, Naruto is unable to find Sasuke and Drago, and believes them to be dead. During the start of the second arc, Naruto learns Sasuke and Drago are alive, but under Mutant Elfin's control. After Infinity Helios helps Sasuke and Drago break free, Naruto helps Drago destroy Mutant Elfin. Later, Naruto helps save Rosalina and Midna from Yami Bakura, and meets Boo Rock for the first time. During the final battle against Yami Bakura, the malicious spirit attempts to self-destruct, but Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend teleport him to the Smash Core. Naruto then supports Sasuke, Mecha Sonic, and Zombie Reed as they defeat Yami Bakura. During the third arc, Naruto learns Yami Bakura survived his near death experience, and later witnesses Yami Bakura effortlessly defeat Vegeta and Sephiroth. During the Time Eater Arc, Naruto teams up with his younger self to restore the timeline after it is damaged by Time Eater. During The Keys of Smash Arc, Naruto unlocks Level 3 of the Smash Core after Boo Rock is killed by Yami Bakura. In this form, he is able to not only overwhelm Bowser, Samus, Zombie Reed (who joined Yami Bakura), and Yami Bakura, but was able to easily defeat Gigadark Bowser and Zorc Necrophades. In Fight to the Finish, Naruto receives Haos Reptak, a Baku-Sky Raider created by Mutant Elfin, from Dartz. During Season 21, Naruto fuses with the other Heroes of Legend (minus Goku) in an attempt to defeat Gigadark Bowser after he completely possesses Samus. After the final battle, Naruto finds Samus in his mind and, to his surprise, sees her eating large amounts of food due to being possessed for months, and is left in shock. During the second arc of Season 21, Naruto attempts to stop Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood after they steal the Millennium Items, only to lose the items to Yami Bakura and Yami Marik. Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend are later told to go to Pandemonium by Venus in order to learn the full truth behind the Smash Core. However, they are ambushed by Yami Bakura and Uka Uka, but are told to leave them to Venus, and Naruto and the others see Venus and Leon the Yoshi both acquired an Ascent Mode. Naruto and the Heroes of Legend later go into the past to learn the truth of the Smash Core. In Season 22, Naruto assists in monitoring the Neo Smash Champion Tourney. Later, Naruto comes to the aid of Gohan, Ben Tennyson, Azula, William Dunbar, and Crash Bandicoot against the Dark Heroes of Legend, and learns Drago still has Elfin's alterations. Later, Naruto learns from Aranaut that Fabia and Psycho Kirby have escaped from jail, and that the Dark Heroes of Legend are still alive. Later, Naruto and Shadow the Hedgehog come to the aid of Spectra Phantom against Team Samus. Later on, Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend, minus Anubias and Sellon, sacrifice their lives to stop Samus' self-destruct from destroying the Earth, but continue to appear as spirits. Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend are later revived when Bowser forces the Offspring of Zorc out of the Millennium Ring. Naruto and the others now find themselves facing the new and improved Mechtavius Destroyer, consisting of Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor. Following their defeat at the hands of Mecha Sally, Naruto and the Dark Heroes of Legend also find themselves distanced from their friends due to their rebirths as the Dark Heroes of Legend. Naruto later contributes to the destruction of Mechtavius Destroyer. In Season 24, Naruto is shocked by Sasuke's betrayal, and is viciously attacked by Sasuke and Metal Sonic before Spectra has Infinity Helios scatter the Chaos Emeralds. Later, Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend recreate the Smash World after altering history so that Coredegon and the Nomadic Mechtogan never mutated. Shortly after this event, Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend battle against the upgraded Metal Sonic, as well as Scourge the Hedgehog, Ganondorf, Dr. Eggman, Mag Mel, Frieza, Cell, and Broly, but the fight is interrupted by the shocking return of Fleetway Super Sonic, who had apparently perished after the recreation of the Smash World. In Season 28, Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend are determined to save Sasuke following his corruption at the hands of Mechtavius Destroyer, while continuing to fight against Mechtavius Destroyer himself. During the finale of the first arc of Season 28, Naruto learns that the Sasuke he battled with before Sasuke's redemption was really Coredegon in disguise, much to Naruto's shock and anger. Naruto then watches as Dragonoid Destroyer undergoes another metamorphisis, and then proceeds to form a giant Rasenshuriken and combine it with Goku's Spirit Bomb and the energy that Ben Tennyson absorbed as Chromastone, which he released with Alien X's reality warping powers, to help Dragonoid Destroyer deliver the finishing blow against Mechtavius Destroyer, finally killing the Nomadic Mechtogan permanently. In Season 29, Naruto continues to battle against Mechtavius Destroyer, but is deeply saddened by Sakura's betrayal and Kakashi's zombification. Regardless, Naruto continues to fight as he always does in order to make Mechtavius Destroyer pay for hurting his friends. In Season 30, Naruto learns that he is the only one who can defeat Mechtavius Destroyer permanently. After learning from Psycho Kirby that there is still something he needs to win, Naruto becomes determined to find it despite not knowing what it is, and goes into the past with Drago after hearing Betadron's spirit say that if they can't win in the present, then they should defeat Mechtavius Destroyer in the past. Later, Naruto goes with the other Heroes of Legend into the Fourth Dimension to pursue Mechtavius Destroyer, Link, Zelda, and Dimentio. Upon arriving, Naruto and the others continue to fight Mechtavius Destroyer, eventually forcing him to separate back into the Nomadic Mechtogan. Despite his best efforts, Naruto is unable to prevent Coredegon from escaping. After learning that the Dimensional Stars have been scattered across the Fourth Dimension and that they give someone the power to rule or destroy all dimensions, Naruto realizes this might be the item he needs that Psycho Kirby mentioned earlier, and agrees to help recover the D-Stars, though he also agrees to help so that Coredegon cannot claim the D-Stars for his selfish purposes. Later, Naruto and Drago combine for the final battle against Mechtavius Destroyer and easily defeats the tyrant, but Naruto spares Mechtavius Destroyer since he doesn't think he is worth killing. Later, Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend learn that the League of Villains were created by Mechtavius Destroyer, and head to the Space Colony ARK to stop them from uniting all dimensions, but are shocked to see the League of Villains attacking Mechtavius Destroyer. Despite teaming up with Mechtavius Destroyer, Naruto and the others are defeated by the League of Villains. After King Dedede willingly joins the League of Villains so that the others may be spared and witnessing Mechtavius Destroyer hug the future version of his daughter, Necrosis, before becoming a prisoner of the League of Villains, Naruto declares war on the League of Villains and swears that they will pay for causing his friends to suffer. In Season 32, Naruto participates in the final battle against Mechtavius Destroyer, and helps keep Mechtavius Destroyer at bay long enough for Sonic to send Mechtavius Destroyer into the Sun. Later, Naruto, along with the other Heroes of Legend, are declared as the Rulers of the Dimensions, and helps destroy Mechtavius Destroyer, who survived the previous battle, once and for all. Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend (excluding Sonic and Ganondorf) are attacked by their friends and foes, who have been informed by Nazo that the Heroes of Legend are the catalysts of the apocalypse, which is known as the Dark Prophecy. During the conflict, Naruto battles against Marth and learns that Marth, along with everyone else, is not sure if Nazo is telling the truth. Realizing he has no choice but to fight, Naruto begins to fight for real. However, Naruto and Marth are interrupted by Sonic, who tells them that if he doesn't come back, he is leaving everyone's fate in their hands. Naruto, unaware where Sonic is headed but deciding not to question it, asks if he wants his help, but Sonic says that Naruto already fufilled his destiny when Mechtavius Destroyer was defeated. Naruto then wishes Sonic luck before he leaves. Naruto then explains to Marth that he and the others were deceived but repeats what Piccolo, Luigi, Ridley, and Broly said, stating that there are many opprotunities here, and that they can continue fighting, but for fun instead of being hostile. However, Naruto's decision to continue battling Marth in a friendly manner unintentionally speeds up Master Hand's restoration. In Season 33, Naruto learns that Phaaze has been blocked off since Master Hand's demise and that Sonic hasn't returned. After Goku teleports Shadow to Phaaze, Naruto learns of Bass' origins and welcomes him into the Heroes of Legend. In Season 34, Naruto is disappointed by the other Heroes of Legend's decision to establish their identities by destroying the current Smash World, but refuses to fight them since he doesn't want to tear the Heroes of Legend apart. As a result, Naruto entrusts his fate to Kirby, and tells him that the only way to achieve peace is to fight for it. In Season 35, Naruto attempts to save Sasuke from his continued descent into darkness after learning from Obito Uchiha that he is destined to fight Sasuke one day. During this time, Naruto befriends Starly, a female hedgehog from the Star Dimension who was infected with Phazon while accompanying Stario to the Fourth Dimension. However, Naruto and Starly's new friendship becomes strained after it is revealed that Starly is actually the reincarnation of Mephiles the Dark. Although Naruto, Sasuke, and Zero attempt to convince Starly to not give into Mephiles, Starly ultimately accepts her fate and merges with the Nomadic Mechtogan, Mephiles, and Iblis, resulting in the ressurection of Solaris. Later, Naruto learns from Fleetway Super Sonic, who is later revealed to be a demon known as Sonic.exe, that Sasuke is to become the vessel for the Dark Star X, a malevolent entity that is stronger than the Dark Star. Although Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend attempt to save Sasuke, they are unable to prevent Sasuke from merging with the Dark Star X. Naruto is then horrified to learn that Sasuke was manipulating the Heroes of Legend the entire time, and fights Sasuke in an attempt to bring his friend to his senses. In the end, however, Naruto is defeated by Sasuke and is left in critical condition. Despite this, Sasuke decides to spare Naruto and walks away. As Sasuke leaves, Naruto vows that he will bring Sasuke and Starly back even if he dies doing so.

Younger NarutoEdit


Younger Naruto

Younger Naruto is Naruto as he appeared in the original Naruto series. He first appeared when Master Hand sent Naruto, along with Rex Raptor and Weevil Underwood, back in time to convince Naruto that everyone can be given a chance. Younger Naruto reappears in the Time Eater Arc, though he has no memory of his fight with his older self. Regardless, Younger Naruto teams up with his older self to fight Time Eater. Younger Naruto continues to assist his older self starting with Season 23 onward.


Naruto's main appearance is based on his appearance in Naruto Shippuden. In his Galacti State, he wears the same outfit as the rest of the Galacti. In his Balanced State, he wears a white outfit with black lining. On Lyoko, Naruto's Galacti uniform and Balanced state uniform are combined, and he has the Perfect Core diamond on his chest just like Drago. After joining the Castle Knights, Naruto wears the Pyrus Castle Knight uniform. After defeating Anubias and Sellon, Naruto's eyes will occasionally become bichromatic, with his left eye being the same as Sellon's and his right eye being the same as Anubias'. In Season 14, Naruto's outfit remains the same, but he is given a black trenchcoat by Zombie Spider-Man that is somewhat similar to the outfit worn by Zombie Spider-Man, Fabia Sheen, and Samus Aran, but it is not as sharp. Naruto also wears the Millenium Ring around his neck, making his appearance similar to Yami Bakura's original appearance. In the second half of Season 15, Naruto wears the same outfit as Zombie Spider-Man, Fabia Sheen, Sasuke Uchiha, and Samus Aran due to his change in personality. During the final battle against Samus and Yami Bakura, Naruto reverts to his original appearance. Following his third battle with Kirby, Naruto stops wearing his headband for a while due to Sasuke refusing to let him put it back on. After learning about Midna's past, Naruto puts his headband on once again until his battle against Sasuke, where he puts it away after Sasuke admits that Naruto is his equal.


Naruto's personality isn't changed much from his series. In Season 13, Naruto is determined to save his friends. Naruto also respects his opponents, as he felt that Anubias and Sellon didn't deserve to die the way they did. After the death of Pikachu, Naruto is determined to save Pichu from his inner darkness as well. Following Kirby's death, Naruto's resolve is only strengthened. During the Season 13 finale, Naruto was devastated that Sasuke had merely used him as a pawn in his plans. In the second half of Season 15, due to the recent betrayals of Sasuke, Link, Zelda, and Yami Bakura (even though Sasuke and Zelda have become good again), Naruto develops a more cynical outlook on life. Naruto also finds it much harder to trust anyone, only trusting a few people. Naruto reverts to his original personality after his battle against his younger self, but is still changed from the experience. Following his revival after being defeated by Mecha Sally, Naruto is much more distant from his friends, with the exception of the Dark Heroes of Legend, but he later patches up his friendship with the others. In Season 29 onward, Naruto becomes more determined to defeat Mechtavius Destroyer so he can protect his friends from harm. This determination is strengthened when Naruto learns from Metal Sonic and Master Hand that he is the only person other than Bowser that is capable of putting an end to Mechtavius Destroyer for good. After the Heroes of Legend become interdimensional criminals, Naruto is clearly upset by his friends' current mindset, but refuses to stop them because he doesn't want the Heroes of Legend to fall apart. As a result, Naruto entrusts his fate to Kirby, as he believes that Kirby is the only one who can stop the Heroes of Legend now. In Season 35, Naruto learns that he is destined to fight Sasuke, and tries his hardest to bring Sasuke back to his senses so that day wouldn't come, but ultimately realizes that he has to fight Sasuke if he wants to bring him back

Interactions with Other CharactersEdit

Sasuke UchihaEdit

Naruto's interactions with Sasuke vary depending on Sasuke's motivations. At the start of the series, Naruto was the only character who still had hope in Sasuke and wanted to save him from his darkness. While Naruto believed he had saved Sasuke in Season 7, he later learned that Coredegon was impersonating Sasuke at the time, and lost all hope in bringing Sasuke back to the side of good in Season 29, though he still believed Sasuke would return to the side of good. While Naruto and Sasuke are on good terms on now, they still maintain their rivalry with each other, though it is more friendly than before. However, Naruto is clearly upset by Sasuke's decision to remake the world in the Heroes of Legend's image, but doesn't want to fight him again because he doesn't want to lose his friend. However, when Sasuke merges with the Dark Star X and reveals that he used the Heroes of Legend, Naruto ultimately accepts that he has to fight Sasuke, but remains determined to bring him back.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Naruto and Sonic have been close friends since they met at the start of the series, and Naruto is essentially Sonic's second best friend after Miles "Tails" Prower. Naruto and Sonic work very well together on the field of battle, and share an equal hatred towards Coredegon due to how much he caused them to suffer.

In Season 32, Naruto and Sonic's strong bond is shown when Naruto wishes Sonic luck after Sonic turns down his help, despite not knowing that Sonic is going to confront Master Hand.


Naruto and Goku have known each other since they met in the Bedroom. Prior to Cell and Gaara's arrival in the bedroom, Naruto trained under Goku, Piccolo, Kakashi, Iruka, and Vegeta to prepare for their arrival. During this training, Naruto developed a lot of respect for Goku, and has maintained this respect to now. Before leaving to confront Mechtavius Destroyer in Season 30, Naruto and Goku shook hands as a sign of respect to each other.


Initially, Naruto and Bowser did not really interact with each other, but did not get along since Bowser was a villain. However, when Bowser decided to gain respect from others and abandoned the villains, Naruto started to interact with Bowser much better than before. In Season 30, when Bowser said that while Naruto is the strongest Light Triune, he is the strongest Melee Triune and should get a shot at Mechtavius Destroyer as well. Rather than tell Bowser to leave, Naruto decided to let Bowser help him, as he trusts Bowser now as a friend. Naruto later learns of Bowser's tragic past, and gains a deeper amount of respect for him. Naruto was also upset when the Heroes of Legend learned that Wolf O'Donnell was only using Bowser for his own selfish goals, and feels sympathy for Bowser, although he disapproves of Bowser's decision to give up on trying to regain the respect he lost.


Naruto and Gohan get along very well. In Season 22, Naruto witnessed Gohan become stronger, and decided to let him deal with Wiseman during the Neo Smash Champion Tourney. When Wiseman revealed himself to be Coredegon, Naruto supported Gohan during his rematch with Mechtavius Destroyer, and agreed to let Gohan join the Heroes of Legend.


Naruto and Orochimaru do not get along, as Orochimaru was one of the people responsible for shaping Sasuke into the cold-hearted person he is now.

Obito UchihaEdit

Naruto and Obito Uchiha do not get along, as Obito was directly responsible for Naruto's suffering (Coredegon and Yami Bakura only orchestrated the events) and further corruption of Sasuke as well as Obito wanting the Nine-Tailed Fox for his own purposes. Naruto's hatred of Obito only intensified after Sasuke became determined to kill him, as Naruto didn't want Sasuke to go down a path of darkness again.

Metal SonicEdit

Due to Metal Sonic focusing more on Sonic, Naruto and Metal Sonic do not interact much with each other. However, Naruto was just as disgusted as everyone else when he learned that Metal Sonic reanimated Sonic's deceased love interest, Sally Acorn, to further humiliate Sonic. Unlike the other villains, Metal Sonic realizes Naruto is a serious threat, as he attacked Naruto and the other Heroes of Legend (excluding Sonic) personally rather than attack Sonic. Despite being enemies, when forced to work together, Naruto trusts Metal Sonic like he would trust his own allies. In Season 30, Metal Sonic was the one who told Naruto that he is the only one who could destroy Mechtavius Destroyer, which is later revealed to be partially true. Following Metal Sonic's redemption, Naruto is much more trusting of him.

Yami BakuraEdit

Originally, Naruto and Yami Bakura did not get along with each other. However, when Yami Bakura was forced to work with Naruto, Naruto and Yami Bakura slowly developed a mutual respect for each other. However, Yami Bakura later returned to his antagonistic ways, and Naruto's hatred towards Yami Bakura grew stronger after learning he was responsible for the suffering he and his friends had to endure. As of now, Naruto is wary of Yami Bakura, but views him as an ally.

Coredegon/Mechtavius DestroyerEdit

Naruto has deep hatred towards Coredegon and Mechtavius Destroyer. Since Coredegon is the one who essentially created Yami Bakura, that makes Coredegon the true catalyst of everything negative in Naruto's life. While Naruto and Coredegon didn't interact much prior to Season 29, Naruto became furious after learning that Coredegon impersonated Sasuke and deceived him. After the events of Season 29, Naruto's hatred of Coredegon/Mechtavius Destroyer intensified due to his involvement in Sakura's corruption. After learning that he is the only one who can destroy Mechtavius Destroyer, Naruto has become more determined to put an end to Mechtavius Destroyer for good. Despite his hatred of Mechtavius Destroyer, Naruto ultimately spares his life rather than kill him, but coldly states that Mechtavius Destroyer isn't worth killing. After Mechtavius Destroyer has a change of heart, Naruto accepts Mechtavius Destroyer as an ally, though he has not forgiven Mechtavius Destroyer for all the pain and suffering he has caused. Naruto's hatred towards Coredegon was renewed after the tyrant turned the heroes against the Heroes of Legend.


While Naruto and Marth never really interacted until Season 32, they share a good friendship. Naruto, along with the other Heroes of Legend were shocked by Marth's determination to ensure that the others don't fall behind the Heroes of Legend, as they were used to the Marth from the nightmare world, who was jealous of them, and Marth's true nature shocked them. Naruto also respected Marth's wishes to let him fight Master Hand despite being unaware of the situation, and didn't interfere until Marth let them take over. During the battle between the Heroes of Legend and their allies and foes, Naruto reveals that, despite being much stronger than Marth, considers Marth as an equal.


Naruto and Kirby share a good friendship, and worked well together on the field of battle. After learning of Kirby's background, Naruto realized that he and Kirby aren't so different, as they both grew up without parents. After the Heroes of Legend become interdimensional criminals, Naruto entrusts his fate to Kirby, as he feels Kirby is the only one who can stop the Heroes of Legend.

Alternate FormsEdit

Jinchuriki Forms- from Naruto Shippuden. Naruto lost this form after the Nine-Tailed Fox was extracted from him.

Super Form- Naruto became able to use this transformation after meeting Sonic.

Galacti State- Naruto acquired this form from the Galacti.

Pure State- Naruto acquired this form after apparently defeating Sasuke and Mecha Sonic.

Balanced State- Naruto acquired this form after everyone unlocked their Pure States.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Note: Naruto mainly uses the Pyrus attribute

Pyrus Dragonoid (Guardian Bakugan) (Drago & Drago II) [Shares with Dan Kuso and Gohan]

  • Pyrus Neo Dragonoid (Evolved Guardian)
  • Pyrus Helix Dragonoid (Further Evolved Guardian)
  • Pyrus Blitz Dragonoid (Further Evolved Guardian)
  • Pyrus Titanium Dragonoid (Further Evolved Guardian)
  • Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid (Even Further Evolved Guardian)

Pyrus Evil Twin Helix Dragonoid (Secondary Guardian, received from Psycho Kirby)

Pyrus Storm Skyress (Backup Guardian)

Pyrus Reaper

Pyrus Gorem

  • Pyrus Hammer Gorem

Pyrus Blade Tiggrera

Ventus Hawktor (Received from Fabia, given to Shun Kazami offscreen)

Ventus Storm Skyress (Obtained in Season 8, returned to New Vestroia in Season 9)

Darkus Linehalt (Obtained after Ren died, then returned)

Darkus Horridian (Received from Anubias, returned)

Pyrus Bolcanon (Received from Anubias, returned)

Aquos Krakenoid (Received from Anubias, returned)

Ventus Spyron (Received from Sellon, returned)

Haos Krowll (Received from Sellon, returned)

Subterra Vertexx (Received from Sellon, returned)

Darkus Evo Phantom Dharak (Received from Sasuke, returned)

Darkus Infinity Helios (Received from Sasuke, returned)

Darkus Mutant Elfin (Received from Sasuke, returned)

Haos Reptak (Received from Dartz) [shares with Gunz Lazar and Gohan]

Haos Aranaut (Temporarily)


  • Naruto has the most Bakugan in his collection due to having all the Pyrus Bakugan and having received Evil Twin Helix Dragonoid from Psycho Kirby and Hawktor from Fabia.
  • Naruto is ranked #1 on the Smash World Grand Prix Rankings.
  • Of all the Heroes of Legend, Naruto has had the most Smash Core fragments.
  • Naruto is the first Hero of Legend to use Smash Core LV 3.
  • Naruto is the second charcter to damage a Mechtogan Destroyer, the first being Gohan.