Mr. Game and Watch

Mr. Game & Watch is a protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He was a minor character in Seasons 1-3. He got more focus in Season 4 like the other minor characters. In Season 5, he took some embarrassing photos of Ino and was determined to leak them to the media and give them to the President. However, Jesse took the photos from Mr. Game & Watch and put them in his book. After Jesse died, Mr. Game & Watch tried taking the pictures back, but Ren hit him, not wanting his teammate's grave to be violated. Mr. Game & Watch later helps Goku, Ness, and Kirby fight Ren, Lena, Zenet, and Mason. Mr. Game & Watch was hoping to knock Ren out long enough to get the pictures from Jesse's grave, but was unsuccessful due to putting a timer on the pictures causing them to be teleported back into Jesse's grave. Mr. Game & Watch then does Classic mode while complaining about Ren. Afterwards, he stumbles across a temple/factory and notices the Dark Smashers carrying cargo inside, which Mr. Game & Watch decides to investigate. Unknown to Mr. Game & Watch, he has stumbled upon Helios' lair. While there, he finds a Haos Viper Helios, who tells him the origin of the darkness. Mr. Game & Watch learns silly Falco's actions that corrupted Marth was what was responsible for everything that happened. In anger, Mr. Game & Watch tried to blow up the base, which only made more Dark Smashers. Eventually, Mr. Game & Watch found the princesses, but they were guarded by Boolosus. Despite putting up a good fight, Mr. Game & Watch was defeated and became a trophy, joining the princesses in Helios' collection. Mr. Game & Watch returns in Season 22, where it is revealed he unlocked his Ascent Mode offscreen.