Aquos Lythirus BD


BK Lythirus

Lythirius in Ball Form

Lythirius is a Bakugan from Gundalia and is Stoica's Guardian Bakugan. Lythirius was an antagonist due to being a member of the Twelve Orders, but is now a protagonist due to Stoica joining the heroes, though he rejoins the villains after Season 5. Lythirius has 900 Gs and his Battle Gear is Razoid. Lythirius is possibly insane as he constantly cackles upon entering battle. At the start of Season 7, due to Stoica's failure, he, Stoica, and Dark Captain Falcon are disposed of, but not before Lythirius tries to attack Dharak. Later, after Stoica is freed, Airzel returns him to Stoica. Lythirius soon hijacks the pilot's room of the Blade and sends it to the Xavier Institute, blasting Phantom Dharak with the Breaker Beam Cannon, causing him to be taken by Masquerade. In Season 23, Lythirius is killed by Mechtavius Destroyer offscreen. Lythirius is revived in Season 24 due to Drago killing Mechtavius Destroyer in the past.