The evil Lip's Stick

The Lip's Stick is an item in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. It is used by the villains to brainwash the heroes. All that needs to be done is to hit a person once and they will soon become dizzy. Then the user merely has to say "transform" and the person's outfit will change colors and they will become the user's minion. The only way to cure the brainwashing is with the Beam Sword. The heroes reverse engineerd a Lip's Stick to reverse its effects. The Lip's Stick made its first reappearance in Season 10 when a brainwashed Samus used it on Fox and Pikachu.

The Lip's Stick is destroyed in Season 32 by Sonic the Hedgehog after realizing that it, along with the Beam Sword, gives Master Hand his invunerability.

All credit goes to SmashWonders. He is the one who came up with the mind-control effect. Watch his version of the Last Tier War.