Link in his regular outfit

Enhanched Link

Link using the enhancement glitch

This version of Link is from the silly Melee Universe. Unlike most of the characters, he would get baffled at the others' stupidity. When the tier wars began occuring, Link would always fight on the protagonists' side unless he was captured. Link was one of those who were captured by the evil Pikachu. Link is killed along with the rest of the Dark Army, but is revived at the end of Season 1. Due to dying while brainwashed, upon ressurection, Link got the enhancement glitch, which allowed him to access the powers from his mind control willingly. After the recent tier war, Link is contemplating how to save Marth with Young Link when Captain Falcon and Kirby head off to find Marth. The two follow them and save Captain Falcon from Marth before battling Marth themselves. Using teamwork, Link and Young Link manage to beat Marth, causing Marth's first defeat since his enhanchment. In the tier war that followed, Link was still a good guy, but he is defeated when Zelda betrayed the low tiers. After getting freed, he went after Zelda, Luigi, and Captain Falcon and beat them with no mercy. They soon reveal the truth to him about their reasons for this war. In response, Link tried eradicating the darkness, but only allowed it to escape to Brawl, where it possessed Naruto, Sonic, and Drago. Link joins the high tiers, who are continuing the war to keep Marth safe, afterwards. After Zelda's corruption and exile, Link goes into a state of depression.


  • Despite helping the high tiers, Link is not an antagonist as they are launching the war to keep Marth safe.