The Iron Man Bakugan

The Iron Man Bakugan is a new character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. It has the appearance and abilities of Iron Man. It was built by Zombie Iron Man and Zombie Giant-Man with Gundalian technology in order to fight Samus Aran, as the Iron Man Bakugan is a machine, which has no energy for Samus to absorb. However, the Iron Man Bakugan is fried when Samus becomes complete. The Iron Man Bakugan is later repaired as an exosuit for Iron Man, but becomes a sentinent Bakugan alongside the Wolverine Bakugan after a battle with Razenoid. The Iron Man Bakugan and the Wolverine Bakugan then proceed to enslave the Bakugan of the bedroom so they can have opponents to fight against. However, they only did this to get Drago's attention. The Iron Man Bakugan then reveals that the BakuMarvels are a unique breed of Bakugan that live in an alternate dimension who came to Earth seeking tougher opponents. In order for this to occur, the Iron Man Bakugan linked up with Iron Man and implanted the idea of the BakuMarvel exosuits within him so they would have a way to access Earth.


  • Prior to the Iron Man Bakugan's debut, Meta Dragonoid claimed to have known him.