Meta Knight and the Halberd

The Halberd is Meta Knight's personal battleship, and is the heroes' headquarters for the second half of Season 4. Meta Knight set himself free here. Meta Knight lost the Halberd when he was captured, but he reclaimed it at the midway point of Season 4. Its appearance is based off his appearance in Brawl. The Halberd reappears after a long absence in Season 31, where it falls under the control of a unique Waddle Dee codenamed Nacrolepsy, who causes almost all of Meta Knight's crew to turn against him. The Halberd is also where Meta Knight and Sword Knight (the only member of Meta Knight's crew not to be turned against him) fought Galacta Knight, and was where Coredegon and the Nomadic Mechtogan were partially ressurected. Ultimately, Meta Knight is forced to sink his own ship in order to prevent the Nomadic Mechtogan from destroying the Earth, to no success. The Halberd is later repaired by Coredegon, but he is forced to abandon it after losing control of his Six Paths of Pain, subsequently allowing Meta Knight to reclaim his ship. The Halberd is featured again in Season 32, when Meta Knight uses it to launch his attack on the Heroes of Legend. However, the Halberd is presumably destroyed again when the Nomadic Mechtogan are fully ressurected. The Halberd later reappears, under the control of Kirby, engaged in battle with the Dark Matter. Unfortunately, the Halberd is shot down by the ressurected Zero Two.


  • The Halberd was once manned by the copies of Meta Knight, but is now operated by Meta Knight's crew to be similar to the Kirby games.
  • The heroes liked the thought of using the Halberd as headquarters. This means they were scared of Luigi's Mansion.