Hal and Jeff are recurring characters in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. They are neutral characters because like

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R.O.B., they are just want to please Bowser. They are still members of the Koopa Troop, though. Hal's sprite is that of a green Koopa Troopa from Yoshi's Island and Jeff's sprite is custom made. Hal and Jeff reappear in Season 20, having gone to Yoshi's Island for a vacation. When Krillin comes to recruit them for the fight against the Akatsuki, Hal and Jeff refuse because they can't face Bowser again after the death of his children. However, they are forced to come since they couldn't pay the rent of Hotel Yoshi anymore. Hal and Jeff return during the second arc of Season 25, where they receive an updated appearance and begin appearing more prominently as Bowser's generals.



  • Hal and Jeff are from Bowser's Kingdom.
  • Hal and Jeff are the only characters who have used sprites and not 3-D models. However, Hal and Jeff became rendered in CGI after Shadow the Hedgehog updated their appearances to be more modern.