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Emperor Barodius

For information on the real Barodius' activities in Season 9 onward, see Mag Mel

Emperor Barodius is a Gundalian and a member of the Twelve Orders. Barodius was a major antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. His Guardian Bakugan was Phantom Dharak. In Season 5, he was saddened about Gill's death, even refusing to believe Mecha Sonic when he told him. Barodius soon follows Stoica to prevent him from getting killed by Helios. After Helios escapes, and Naruto, Sonic and Drago leave the Institute, Barodius and Stoica join the heroes. However, they rejoin the villains after Season 5. In Season 6, Barodius and Sasuke battle against Naruto but are defeated when Drago reveals they were holding back. In Season 7, he is suprised Dharak chose to dispose of Stoica. Later, he is angered by Gill's betrayal and murder of Kazarina. When Barodius tries calling Phantom Dharak after Lythirius blasts him with the Breaker Beam Cannon, he is shocked Phantom Dharak belongs to Masquerade now and issues a retreat. His Guardian Bakugan is now Lumagrowl, as a memory of Kazarina. Barodius later challenges Masquerade to get Phantom Dharak back, but Masquerade decided to humiliate Barodius further by having him battle Alice. Ultimately, Barodius is sent to the Doom Dimension when Darkus Razenoid blasts him there. He was assumed to be killed by this attack. In Season 12, it is revealed that Barodius survived, but he has been stuck in the Doom Dimension ever since. He is confronted by Yami Marik, who wants to recruit him to get revenge against the heroes. In Season 20, it is revealed that the Barodius that appeared in the past was an illusion, and that Mag Mel is the real Barodius. In Season 23, Barodius makes his first real appearance when Mag Mel's armor is shattered completely, revealing Barodius inside. Later, Barodius sacrifices his life to seal the creepypastas away permanently, with Tikal assuming the identity of Mag Mel. Much later, Mechtavius Destroyer ressurrects Barodius and integrates his spirit into his being.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Illusionary BarodiusEdit

Darkus Phantom Dharak (Former Guardian Bakugan, taken by Masquerade) [illusion]

Darkus Dharak (Gave to Sasuke)

Haos Lumagrowl (New Guardian Bakugan, received after Kazarina died and Phantom Dharak was taken, sent to Doom Dimension)

Darkus Ziperator (Deceased)

Darkus Razenoid (Betrayed illusionary Barodius)

Real BarodiusEdit

Darkus Evolved Razenoid (Guardian Bakugan)

Darkus Dreadeon (Mechtogan)

Darkus Razen Titan (Mechtogan Titan)


  • Barodius was the only Gundalian to still be an antagonist as Kazarina was killed and the other Twelve Orders have joined the heroes.
  • It is unknown where the illusionary Barodius got Darkus Razenoid, but it is not the one from Mechtanium Surge since that Razenoid was imprisoned at the time.
  • Barodius is the first character to appear as an illusion, and then make his true debut later in the series.