Dr. Mario

I'm a psychiatrist.

-Dr. Mario's catchphrase

This version of Dr. Mario was from the silly Melee universe. Dr. Mario would usually give therapy sessions to the characters, namely Kirby and Mewtwo. When the tier wars began occurring, Dr. Mario would usually help the high tiers, making him an antagonist. Dr. Mario fell under the hypnotic charm of the evil Pikachu (Hey, Pikachus are cute, even if they're evil) and became a member of the Dark Army. Dr. Mario was killed along with the rest of the Dark Army, but was revived at the end of Season 1. In Season 3, Dr. Mario reverted to his antagonist ways, but when Marth announced his betrayal, Dr. Mario became more of an anti-hero. Dr. Mario was determined to stop Marth, but was unable to keep up with his new power. Eventually, Dr. Mario began freeing Marth's captured and eventually fought him alongside Kirby and Captain Falcon, but lost despite it being 3 on 1. After the tier war, Dr. Mario and the other high tiers began reconsidering their actions and decided to liberate Brawl, enduring Sasuke and Mecha Sonic's wrath in the process. Despite their best efforts, the high tiers were defeated when Marth intervened. The trio soon died from their wounds, having finally opened their eyes. A funeral service was held for them despite their terrible acts, meaning the other characters have finally forgiven them. Their deaths motivated the silly Melee universe to stop standing by and help the world (Brawl) that helped them so much recover. Dr. Mario reappeared toward the Season 4 finale, along with Psycho Kirby, Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Reed, and Falco and Crazy Finger Samus from his world, as a vision to motivate the remaining captured to fight back. Dr. Mario was revived at the end of Season 4 as a request from Naruto, Sonic, and Drago.