Darkus Krakix

Darkus Krakix in Bakugan form

BK Krakix

Darkus Krakix in Ball form

Darkus Krakix is a Bakugan from Gundalia. He speaks much more than Gill's Krakix. Darkus Krakix acted as a mentor toward Drago and trained with him in the Bedroom. He has 800 Gs. However, he soon started training Darkus Dragonoid, who desired power. During Darkus Dragonoid's coup, Darkus Krakix showed he was more loyal to his student than his friends. During the battle against Subterra Razenoid and his elite Chaos Bakugan, Darkus Krakix defeated Haos Flash Ingram, but was beaten by Darkus Cyclone Percival. Despite this, their coup is successful, while Darkus Dragonoid declares that the Bakugan must battle every day. At the end of Season 10, Krakix's memories of the coup are erased. However, Darkus Krakix's memory returns in Season 22, and assists Darkus Dragonoid with his revenge against Drago. Darkus Krakix later has a change of heart when Darkus Dragonoid redeems himself.