Darkus HelixDragonoid Open

Darkus Helix Dragonoid in Ball Form


Delta Dragonoid in Ball Form

Darkus Dragonoid is a Bakugan in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He sometimes skips evolutions, but not as much as Drago. Darkus Dragonoid was intially a protagonist, but eventually he grew jealous of Drago's power, and began desiring power. Eventually, Darkus Dragonoid went rogue and declared he was going to become the leader of the Bakugan. However, Subterra Razenoid would not tolerate this and battled against Darkus Dragonoid. However, Darkus Dragonoid won by changing Razenoid's G-Power to 900, making his total power 1000 Gs while Darkus Dragonoid had 1100 Gs. Darkus Dragonoid then declared that every day the Bakugan would battle. He reappears to tell Meta Knight and the top tiers plus Zenet that Drago fled to New Vestroia. However, Zombie Reed appears and tells them otherwise. The 3 groups then team up. He is defeated at the end of Season 10 and his memory is erased. In Season 22, Darkus Dragonoid's memory has returned, and he teams up with Subterra Razenoid to get revenge on Drago. Darkus Dragonoid then witnesses the battle between Drago and Subterra Razenoid, and realizes that he was unable to win because Drago fought to protect his friends, while Darkus Dragonoid fought for his own selfish reasons. After the battle, Darkus Dragonoid abandons his goal of destroying Drago and rejoins the heroes.


Dragonoid- Darkus Dragonoid's base form and his main form in the Bedroom. He has 400 Gs.

Delta Dragonoid- Darkus Dragonoid's previous form. He evolved during battle on Lyoko. He has 450 Gs.

Helix Dragonoid- Darkus Dragonoid's previous form, he evolved because the Shy Guys of Icicle Mountain and Psycho Kirby awarded him the form to make up for not having a Pure State. His Battle Gear is Jetkor. He has 900 Gs.

Titanium Dragonoid- Darkus Dragonoid's current form. He evolved when Tabuu forcibly evolved him.


  • Darkus Dragonoid is the only Bakugan who started as a protagonist, but became an antagonist.