The Chaos Bakugan are a type of Bakugan from Mechtanium Surge. Like in Mechtanium Surge, the Chaos Bakugan are antagonists due to being able to corrupt people. Also, rather than coming from eggs, the Chaos Bakugan were spawned from Drago's body. The Chaos Bakugan spawning process was very painful for Drago, as he screamed in pain when they were being spawned. There were three ways to spawn a Chaos Bakugan.

  1. The Chaos Bakugan came out of Drago's Perfect Core diamond.
  2. When Drago lost control, the Chaos Bakugan siphoned the unstable energy from Drago's body and turned it into a Chaos Bakugan.
  3. When Drago enters battle after unleashing the Dextra wave, he might have spawned a Chaos Bakugan. This was only seen once.

Mutant Elfin can also spawn Chaos Bakugan, though she can do it willingly.

The Chao Bakugan appear to be ferocius, but were very loyal to Drago, as pointed by Cyborg Helios who, along with Dharak were getting thrashed by the Chaos Bakugan yet they stood aside when Drago rejoined the fray. The Chaos Bakugan can use BakuNano, which Helios assumed is because Drago spawned them (Drago uses BakuNano too). They have only been seen using Shoxrox so far.

These are the Chaos Bakugan that have been seen so far

  • Pyrus Cyclone Percival
  • Haos Cyclone Percival
  • Subterra Flash Ingram
  • Ventus Mutant Elfin
  • Pyrus Flash Ingram
  • Aquos Cyclone Percival
  • Darkus Cyclone Percival (Elite Chaos Bakugan)
  • Haos Flash Ingram (Elite Chaos Bakugan)

Lately, the Chaos Bakugan have been used by many villains as their primary armies.