Darkus Evo AlphaHydranoid

The upgraded Alpha Hydranoid

Alpha Hydranoid is a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He is the Guardian Bakugan of Alice/Masquerade. He and Drago are somewhat friendly rivals. Recently, Hydranoid was "upgraded" to support BakuNano. His Nano Gear is a silver Crosstriker. He was an antagonist in Season 1, but he became a protagonist in the following seasons. Hydranoid has a total of 500 Gs. In Season 24, Alpha Hydranoid went to New Vestroia along with the other Battle Brawlers, but is killed by Mechtavius Destroyer. However, Alpha Hydranoid is revived due to Drago killing Mechtavius Destroyer in the past. Later, Alpha Hydranoid and Infinity Helios sacrifice themselves to protect Taylean from Coredegon, but they are revived along with Infinity Trister, Silent Strike, and Faser Titan when Fabia Sheen purposely lets herself get absorbed by Coredegon.


  • Hydranoid and Dharak are the only Bakugan who were upgraded to support BakuNano. Coincidentally, both are Darkus Bakugan.
  • Unlike Dharak, Hydranoid can't support Battle Gear.
  • For some unknown reason, Hydranoid went back to his original color scheme in Season 24.